Fighting for Our Dreams

How long have you been fighting for your dream? How many hours, days or even years have you invested in your passion? Are you anywhere close to achieving it?

My dream is most probably the same as yours. You know, the one that we think is  too impossible to happen, the one we’ve given up on a hundred times but still  know in our hearts that this is what we want to do—that kind of dream.

My dream has always been to be a writer. It might sound simple, but if you are an accountancy student with no experience to back it up, well, it’s kinda hard.

Last year, though, I decided to fight for my dream. After months of trial and error, the impossible (or so I thought it was) happened. I am now a Content Writer working for an online magazine, interviewing various people, tasting different kinds of food and drinks, and writing about them.

But it didn’t happen that easy. It took years of working as an accountant, shifting careers & working as a call center agent, investing my  time, effort, and money.

Here’s my little story that I hope will help you fight for your dream, too.


When people say dreams take time, I thought they meant a few weeks or months. Nope, it took me years to achieve my dream, and it can take years to attain yours, too. Yes, there are some outliers who didn’t take long to achieve their dreams, but the reality is that it can really take time.

My journey started right after graduation in 2012. I knew then that accountancy was not the path I wanted to take, but I didn’t have a choice back then because that was the program I was enrolled for in college. I prayed about this dream and knew that God would listen, little did I know that He would prune me for over five years to prepare me for this.

After having  jobs that didn’t fill my soul, in 2015 I decided that my next job should be related to writing. I didn’t know how I would be able to do it, but by faith, I focused on this dream of mine and looked for ways to achieve it. For six months I was out of job and my only source of income was through a client who I wrote articles for online. Even though I was already working as a ‘writer’, I wanted a full time job so I could immerse myself with other writers and learn from them as well. My wait finally paid off one day. All those years spent joining workshops and contests, and months working from home as a writer became my “experience”. In God’s perfect time, a local company believed in me and hired me as their Content Writer.


Another thing that you need in this battle is lots and lots of effort. As a writer or probably as any other creative out there, when I say effort, it’s not just about creating your art but also doing the dirty work.

For years, I joined any and every writing competition that I knew of just so I could train myself as a writer. Even though I didn’t win, the fact that my writing was out there was enough of a prize for me. I also joined every writing workshop I came across  just so I could improve my skills and my resume. During my online writing stint, I applied almost every day to various clients just so I could  increase my workload.

It’s sad that some people are still under the notion that their dreams will work out for them while they are waiting. People sometimes are intimidated by the volume of things to do in order to achieve their dreams, which cause them to put their dreams on hold or not go through with it anymore. What they don’t know is that the experiences they will gain through the process will all be worth it.


One last thing about following your dream: it can cost you money. As effort and time are necessary, some of the experiences you need to invest yourself in do not come free.

Because of my lack of educational background in writing, I invested in workshops that I knew will help me in the long run. I do not regret any of them because they’ve helped me become a better writer.

When I focused on online writing,  my finances drastically changed. This meant sacrificing my own savings just so I could get by.  But it all worked out in the end.

After applying to several companies for weeks and not receiving any responses, I decided to stop applying in June and told myself that I’d just focus on online writing and make it my main thing. When all hope was lost, the company I currently work for  accepted me. Just before my savings hit zero, I was able to get a new job.

All those motivational quotes that you read online are true. Fighting for your dreams can be really hard, but once you reach  your dream, the possibilities are endless! You just have to keep fighting for it (over and over again).

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One Thought

  1. Pam says:

    I don’t know personally the person who wrote this but I just want to let the writer know that I’ve read her/his work at the right moment. I too am an Accountancy student as of the moment and I want nothing but to write (poetry). Maybe this is not yet the time for me to pursue this dream of mine, but reading this article made me feel that it will never be too late for me to pursue what I want. It still wouldn’t be easy but it will most definitely be worth it. So to the writer of this article, from the depths of my heart, I want to thank you.