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10 Things You Should Start Doing Now

We have differences. There are rich yet there are poor. There are fulfilled yet there are not. We doubt ourselves, complicate our lives, cloud our minds with negativity and wish we were someone else. I always say, “Life is beautiful.” – so don’t waste it. Each of us does things differently – either you do it with perseverance and aim for satisfaction.

Absolutely, some of us face it with difficulties but, the chapter of making the good out of life doesn’t end there.

All you have to do is stop complaining how miserable life is. Here are 10 of them:

1. Solve Your Problems And Never Procrastinate.

Problems come and go, that’s inevitable. Even Kings and the richest persons I know have them. So acknowledge that it doesn’t exempt you from anyone. You can either make them go away or live with them. Surely, if you want to get rid of them, then don’t procrastinate because the more you think of them, the more you increase the baggage over time. If you have a problem, accept and face it. If life involves a chain process of symbiosis, so are problems – from small to big ones. The faster you overcome these loads – the happier your life will be.

2. Live Today.

Honestly, I used to live in the past, reminisce and try to bring back good memories made. But I realized, yesterday was yesterday – you can never bring them back, so live your life today. Do not forget that reality exists only in the present. It is indeed dangerous to dwell on the past. Nostalgia can overcome us and make us feel that the world we are living today falls short of the happiness we experience in the past. We commit mistakes and create good memories that we can always look back. Use them to live in the present.

3. Do Not Buy Happiness.

We live in a very materialistic world; others can afford luxurious things to make them happy (how superficial). You buy drugs to forget sorrows, buy drinks for comfort, buy sex for pleasure, etc. All these are never genuine, Hardships and sorrows translate to happiness once you’ve hurdled them. Remember, if the poorest of the poor can be happy, then happiness cannot lie in the material.

4. Stop Relying On Others.

Believe me, being dependent on others – family and friends can only do so much. At first, you feel secured because you have them, being dependent on them maybe great but often doesn’t weather the storm. Be independent and self-reliant. There are points in our lives that we find ourselves alone. Start being independent now because if you don’t know how to deal on your lonesome phase, then you will drown together with it.

5. Cloud Your Thoughts With Positivism Instead.

Of course, misfortunes in life provide you with negative feelings. But just to warn you, it is overwhelming and gravely contagious. When we entertain negativity and worry about it again and again, it tints the way we perceive life. Living in a world of negativity doesn’t leave any space for the positive. If your outlook becomes clouded you’ll just hate your life – an endless cycle.

6. Stop Worrying.

Sh*t happens. As they say, shit won’t happen for a day or two… and then it returns with a vengeance. Got problems? Work on it because the more responsibilities you have the more you have to potentially worry about. So don’t procrastinate. The only thing worth worrying about is your own laziness. Everything else is out of your control.

7. Do Not Fear.

When you make mistakes, admit it. Failure is derogatory… clueless. My mom always tells me, charge it to experience – there is only so much that you can read up about the way the world works. The more times you get it wrong, the more ways you know not to do it.

8. Be a Go-Getter and Can-Do-Attitude.

Opportunities will never gravitate towards you. It is half hardwork and half perseverance. So stop making excuses and build opportunities for yourself.

9. Always Be Open for Prospective Relationships. Do Not Dwell With Your Past.

We all fell in love and had our hearts broken; As J Rice said in one of his songs, “Thank you for the Broken Heart.” You have fully experienced the love cycle and can grow as an individual. Do not generalize that all relationships end in heartaches because that does not have to be the case.

10. Stop Wishing You Were Someone Else.

I know there are times we wanted to be that someone. Someone, we think could be the ideal person we want – the life that seems planned perfectly. But stop wishing; start doing the things to be that someone. Make sure, however, that you know who you are and do what you can develop – not change. Capitalize on your strengths. You have all the potential to do anything you want to do. Figure out what you want in life and chase it. There is no urgent need to change who you are to match that someone’s preexistent notion of who you should be.

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