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In life, we learned to chase our dreams. We were once asked when we were young, what do we want to become someday, we uttered words without hesitation and proudly answered. Some of us wanted to be a teacher, doctor, policeman and even president of our respective nations. The innocence in us gives no doubt that there is a bright future ahead. And the reasons we provided were noble, coated with pure altruism.


And believed that for as long as we pursue our dreams relentlessly, they will come true. We realized that reaching our dreams and goals weren’t as easy as staring on our favorite stars on a clear calm sky nor appreciating the formation of clouds. We have learned that life is full of risks and uncertainties we can’t predict.


Though sometimes unsure to where we are headed. We continue to dream on because those dreams keep our life worth living. There are moments we question our ability in making them happen; and decided to settle on what we have in the present.


We keep our faith as our strongest resort. 
What keeps those dreams alive is our faith that it will happen. Faith that manifests in our words and actions. However, there are times that we should never settle with faith alone, couple it with hardwork and perserverance; because dreams remain dreams if we won’t work on things to make it our reality.


And realized that there will be people who would inspire us to keep on believing in the dream. Sometimes, we are so enamoured with the idea that our dreams are who we are. However, dreams are meant to be shared with the genuine people who surround us. In smiles, there are dreams; in despair, there are dreams waiting to be restored. Dreams were not meant to be kept for ourselves. In reaching them, we must learn to give.


In times of adversity, we learned to continue moving forward. There are times that life could give us the worst offer it could give; enough reasons to blame why it becomes unfair. But we were able to accept things as they are and move forward. Sometimes, the more we often question things, the likelihood we don’t get answers we seek. In life, the things we are so keen to know about comes out naturally by the time we are ready enough to hear the answers.


Because we know that there will always be sunshine after the storm. We learned that no matter how hard life is; seldom we get used to it and appreciate that challenging the obstacles make the battle worth fighting.


Then we pause for awhile and be reminded that there’s nothing wrong to stop.Let’s wait for the green light before we buckle up again and continue with our journey.


Because there is value in waiting. Often times, we become so impatient and we consider things to be instant. We forget that the things worth valued are the ones we have steadfastly worked for filled with passion and enthusiasm. In waiting, it helps us to understand that nothing in this world with value comes in a glimpse of an eye. Sometimes the things that easily come may easily go, so think twice.


We learned to challenge our realities and chose the life we think we deserve. Amid life’s troublesome road, we have chosen the path we think can give us peace and solitude. We refused to accept life’s chaotic uphill battle but it didn’t mean we were soldiers of cowardice. Sometimes, we were just brave enough to challenge them, even if it means being alone.


Yet our journey in this world never ends unless it means going home. 


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RJ Barrete, a peace and youth advocate, works as a researcher in a lobbying/government relations and political management firm in the Philippines. Visit his blog at www.theclickbook.wordpress.com

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  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for writing this. Just what I needed. 🙂

    1. RJ Barrete says:

      Hi Jessica! You are welcome. I felt I also wrote it for myself. 🙂