27 at 27

It is a fact – I am now much closer to my thirties than I am a “twenteen-er.” Though admittedly, I did cling to it for as long as I could.

I am writing this because I’d like to share with you all the lessons I have learned through my twenty-seven beautiful years on this earth:

  1. Put God at the center of your life, and all else will follow. This is as simple as starting and ending your day in prayer – in your own way, and in the way you know best.
  2. Your family is the next most important. Through your phases and tumultuous turns, they are your number one constants – both in cheering you on, and in facing you with the harsh and brutal truth. Do not ever compromise on them for anyone, or anything else
  3. Friends can become your family because they are, after all, the family you choose. In fact, it is sometimes the case that you feel closer to some friends than certain (extended) family members. Completely normal! BUT never forget, that blood is still always thicker than water.
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong in coming from a “clanny” family who moves in packs, and needs to sit together at every social gathering and event. When push comes to shove, you will know the blessing of being a part of a wolf pack.
  5. Quality over quantity. ALWAYS.
  6. This goes hand in hand with number five: If you have as many true friends as the number of fingers you have on one hand, then you are already extremely (hashtag) blessed. Consider those who tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear to be your truest.
  7. People like to talk, and there is no stopping them – they will talk. So give them something good and worthwhile to talk about.
  8. Surround yourself with people who are better than you – bask in their knowledge of the world, and learn from their stories and experiences. Intellectual arrogance has no place in your personal growth, and will take you nowhere (except breed an unhealthy notion of entitlement).
  9. In the same light, surround yourself with people who believe in your same principles, and share common values.
  10. Give wholeheartedly and without expectations.
  11. Always remember that while awards and accolades are worth celebrating, what matters most is how you use it to further yourself, and your cause(s). Never forget that trophies are material and temporary – they can break, and eventually end up just gathering dust on a shelf if they’re not looked after. It is quite an apt metaphor.
  12. There is always some room for (personal) growth. Push further, walk onwards, and upwards, be open-minded, and hustle at your own pace!
  13. It is never okay, nor justifiable to work your way up by bringing others down. Your glory means nothing at the expense of others.
  14. Karma exists. The world is round. Live by the golden rule – today, tomorrow and always. What goes around will always come around.
  15. There are always two sides to a story.
  16. Stop thinking about yesterday and stressing about tomorrow. Live in the moment, and dance in the present – rain or shine!
  17. Judgment and discernment though similar, are quite different. Trust your instincts and discern wisely – with no malicious intent or ill will.
  18. Other people’s business is their business, not yours. Respect others, and do not rain on their parade.
  19. Less said, less done. Nothing said, nothing done. And when you do say something, say it as it is.
  20. With privileges comes responsibility – my mom’s famous words could not ring more true.
  21. Take care of your things, but never become attached to material goods. While some objects may hold sentimental value, your most prized possessions should never be in the form of material assets. If they are, re-think, re-assess and re-evaluate your outlook, perspective, and views in life.
  22. Fame is fleeting, in the same way that all good things (unfortunately) do come to an end.
  23. Never let power (any bit of it) get to you. Just like fame, it too is temporary.
  24. Stay true to your core, and never apologize for being yourself.
  25. Respect people’s time. Punctuality will never go out of style. There is really nothing fashionable about being late.
  26. How you treat others, most especially those who can do nothing for you, is most telling of your character.
  27. And lastly, laugh at yourself (believe me, it is healthy), live genuinely and LOVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY!

They say that life begins at thirty, and so I am convinced to make the most out of my last three years in my twenties. It has only been great, and I know in my heart that it will only become even greater, so I cannot even begin to imagine what else is in store for me. With a grateful heart, and one that overflows with love and so much joy, I’d like to thank all of you who have been a part of my 27 beautiful years thus far – to my family, my friends, my readers (most especially those who have taken the time to introduce themselves and reach out to me – the validation that people actually read my weekly rambles means more than you will ever know), my social media followers, and even to those I have yet to meet and cross paths with. Just by allowing me to be a part of your lives, I am deeply honored and humbled. You are all the biggest of blessings, and a constant reminder to me that there is, and will always be so much to be thankful for.

Cheers 27! I cannot wait to see the rest of the adventure that awaits me.

About the Contributor

Alex Eduque is the founder of MovEd – a non-profit organization that advocates in bringing holistic early childhood care and development programs to underserved communities around the Philippines. On the side, Alex dabbles as a doodler/designer, keeping her cause at the forefront and center of all projects and collaborations she undertakes.

Article originally posted on Manila Bulletin

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