5 Powerful Self-Talk Tips

Do you talk to yourself? For some, this question might be construed negatively to mean craziness. But I’m not referring to symptoms of a mental disorder.

In fact without us knowing it, we chat within ourselves every day especially when faced with something new, stressful or difficult. All this goes on within our minds. Moreover, much of what we regard as instinctive are actually “responses” of our subconscious mind to situations we encounter.

So if there’s self-talk happening anyway, why not use it and transform it to something beneficial for us? Here are powerful self-talk tips to help. Simply remember these 5 A’s:

• Awareness– Since self-talk is happening even subconsciously, it helps to become aware of what you say to yourself. You’ll not only have better self-understanding, you’ll also have improved control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

• Attitude– You’ve heard about the powers of positive thinking. And the best way to see the brighter side of things is to develop an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful is more than just being polite to the giver. It’s also helping yourself recognize your blessings and attract more.

• Acceptance- More than loving yourself, the best gift you can give to yourself is acceptance. Acceptance means practicing grace which includes forgiving yourself.

It’s often said though that forgiving others is hard but forgiving yourself is harder. In fact, it’s something we usually neglect.

By totally accepting yourself, you can feel liberated, take risks, welcome changes, bravely make mistakes and turn your self-talk from “I can’t” to “I can”.

• Ask- This seems easy as it’s in our nature to keep asking and searching for answers. Problem is, much of our self-talk includes asking the wrong questions. How many times have you looked at yourself and asked “why can’t I be thinner?” or “why am I broke?”

You need to harness this innate desire to ask but transform this more positively and hence, more empowering. So you can get started from using positive “self-asking” to act towards positive “self-being.”

• Access- By access, I mean, accessing your subconscious where much of self-talk can happen and transform. One way is by using effective subliminal messages to penetrate through your subconscious. This can be done by asking positive, direct questions like mentioned.

Another way is by understanding your dreams and what they tell you. More often than not, our subconscious needs and wants regulate the kind of self-talk that we do, consciously or unconsciously. And dreams serve as a gateway or glimpse of our subconscious minds.

Empower yourself with these tips to make the best use of self-talk and tame this craziness within you. Happy chatting!

About the Contributor

Cathy Ongking-Recto is a part-time Mandarin tutor and online writer. She researches and writes mostly on topics relating to physical and mental well-being. She currently lives in Cebu city with her husband.

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