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5 Things I’ve Learned During the Happiness is Sharing It With Others Workshop

Last September 27, 2014, we were very fortunate that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines got us, Memory Crafters (Manila Workshops) to be the provider for the activity after the talk of Mr. Apa Alviar of Make-A-Wish Foundation and founder of The Exuberant Life. It was actually our first time to hold a Doodling Workshop and we were also fortunate enough to get the support of Stabilo Philippines. I really do actually hope that everyone had fun during the workshop. But on a side note, it’s not just the fun and creativity that were our take away during the workshop. We learned so much more.

  • When you speak well of other people, that will resonate and the feeling of happiness will always go back to you.

Yes, there are times when we just would love to gossip about other people and when you really break it down, gossip is just actually talking about other people behind their back and usually talking about things that are not true. But what if, what if, we just talk about something that’s nice instead of dishing out the dirt about other people? Then maybe the world will be a much better place!


  • When you are given graces, make sure that you pass them forward.

I met this girl over at the workshop who’s heart condition was miraculously healed when he was 7 months and that inspired her to help out other people whose kids also has the same condition. Isn’t that inspiring?

  • You have to know yourself and the things that make you happy so that you can always go back to that just in case there are low moments.

Before sharing happiness with others, you have to know who you are. What makes you happy. You have to fill up your tank first before giving it away. Because if you just give it away, then there might not be none left for you in the long run.


  • Your passion may not necessarily be what you are of how you define yourself

Many people fail to know what their passion is and mix them up with what they do. For instance, I’m an IT Consultant but that may not be necessarily my passion. Actually, it’s not. It’s working with people and honing them to be better individuals that truly ignites me. And that’s probably the reason why I stayed for such a long time in the company that I’m working in. I love the people that I work with. I love imparting to them what I have learned through the many years of working that I have done.

  • Love always, Love.

When there is love, there is happiness. So don’t be afraid to love because you will always be on the right path with love. Loving the things that you do. Loving other people. Just in case things turn sour, no regrets because deep down inside, you know that all you did was do good.


Hope I was able to impart with you guys some of the learnings that I’ve had during this workshop. It was truly a great workshop. Not only for the mind, but also for the heart. Truly inspiring. We hope that we see you guys again for our next workshops!

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