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8 Great Things That Can Happen After Experiencing Failure

To fail is not a bad thing; it’s part of the human experience. Yes, the words “success” and “winning” look better on paper. But failure comes with many lessons that you wouldn’t have learned should things have been easy for you all the time:

  1. You learn how to find another way — When you’re backed into a corner, you have to force yourself to look at things differently so you can find a way out. Failure teaches you that there isn’t just one way to do things. And because life isn’t just about winning but about growing, perhaps failure doesn’t mean that you lost, but rather that you learned.
  2. You’re forced to sort out your priorities — Experiencing failure forces you to re-evaluate your life and what’s important to you, because when you fail, you’re forced to fix what went wrong. And once you discover areas that need fixing, whether in yourself or in the situation, you’ll have to sort out your priorities accordingly. Rerouting our priorities is all part of the process we call life.
  3. You feel more empathy towards others — Experiencing failures and setbacks teach you that life is hard. It teaches you to understand other people better. You start realizing things like “Maybe this person is like that because this happened to them.” Failure makes you more human, and makes you realize that we’re all just human just trying our best to get by.
  4. You change the way you perceive success—You learn that success doesn’t always come with a trophy or a medal. Success can come in many different forms. Sometimes success is just experiencing victory over the negativity that some other failure might bring. And so, you discover many different successes, even amidst the hardship.
  5. You learn your weaknesses — After trying and failing, you have a clearer picture of who you are as a person; what parts of you should change, what things you can let go of. Learning our weak points as human beings enables us to sharpen ourselves.
  6. You find out who your true friends are — Failure can help you weed out the true friends from the fair-weather ones. Look for “rollercoaster friends” – those who will be with you both through the ups and downs. You’ll find that the friends that are with you even during hard times are the friends that you should keep for the long haul.
  7. You’re more prepared for future obstacles — Failure helps you become a better planner and overall, a better person. Take your learnings with you as you go through life, and use these to make more sound decisions moving forward.
  8. You learn how to try again—One of the most difficult things to do is to pick yourself back up after falling down – we know. If you muster up the strength to try again after failing, then you are building yourself up with your commitment and discipline to succeed.

It’s always important to remember that failure doesn’t last, but character does. Your attitude towards failure and what you do to get back up – that’s what ultimately matters.

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