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A Detour in Search of Happier Paths

This 2015 had been a revelation to me. I took the road less traveled and it led me to happier paths.

I have worked in the same company as a new-hire trainer for seven years. I was happy…or so I thought.

I was earning more than enough for all my wants and needs. Almost all my closest friends were in the same company. I was being honed for a promotion that I was targeting in the past three years. It was everything one could ever hope for.

But somehow, there was this nagging feeling that it’s not all I made it out to be. Slowly, I started dragging myself to work. I started asking myself if it was where I really wanted to be. I started drafting that resignation letter. But somehow, something in me held me back from submitting that letter. Seven years, it’s a tenure that I can never get back. And it’s something that I have to rebuild should I choose to resign. Change is hard, especially for a 30-something year old like me.

But one day, I just woke up knowing that it was time to file that resignation. So I did. It was the lightest I have ever felt in months. And in June 2 of this year, I spent the last day in the company that I have served (and that served me) in the last seven years. It was an emotional day. I remember feeling all sorts of nostalgic and happy and free. But definitely, no feelings of wanting to go back.

People were asking me why I did it. Supervisors tried to stop me from leaving. I told them it was because I found a higher-paying job. But really, the reason goes deeper than that.

It’s true, I found a different job, but I also ended up not taking that job after all. Because, during the week that I found myself out of a job, I realized that I left my previous job not because I needed more pay, but because I was in a comfort zone. I found myself not challenged anymore. There were many things I still wanted to with my life and staying in a job that did not allow me to grow anymore was not doing me any favors. I needed to do what it was that I will be happy about– like writing and developing people into who they want to to be.

So I decided to pursue a writing career and sent out resumes to companies that will allow me to do trainings that I am passionate about. And I think I have found it. I earn less at the moment, but the funny thing is, I am able to do more, afford more, and go out more. And, needless to say, I feel happier as well.

I have people telling me it was a risk, a dangerous risk. But it’s a risk that I will do over and over again if need be. And it’s a risk that I encourage people to take if their gut instinct tells them to do so. Happiness is a choice, that’s true. And I could have chosen to “be happy” in my old company. But my inner voice was not something to be silenced– so is yours. So if it’s telling you there’s something out there that you need to do and want to do, why not give it a shot? The Universe is your friend. Trust that it will lead you to your true happiness.

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Karen Regpala is passionate about the little things she loves: books, journaling, writing, food, and anything Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Star Wars plus her family and friends. She’s a couch potato, a freelance writer, and a teacher (of sorts). A full-time princess and believer of true love, she hopes to make a change (even in the littlest way possible) and trusts in the power of forever and the law of attraction.

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Artwork by Joy Bunag. Joy is an IT programmer by day, a deep sleeper at night and a creative wannabe during weekends. She does a little of calligraphy, paper quilled crafts and crocheted amigurumis. She also loves food and people watching. For more of her works, visit her Instagram.

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