A Love That Is for Keeps

This is a story of boy meets girl. They exchanged letters, went out on dates, met each other’s family, and got married. She works in the city, he works out of the country. They never claimed to have the perfect marriage, but they make it work.

It’s quite awkward to share a personal story in front of the class, especially if it’s not yours. For theology class, we were tasked to talk to our parents about how they met and got married. After hearing the story behind how they met, even though I was initially shocked, I was amazed. I finally understood their attitude and/or views on special relationships. The story of how they ended up together was short, which I cannot fully divulge here without their consent, but filled with lessons and values. I will, however, share bits of it.

They got married after a year or so of exchanging letters and going out. It’s an affirmation that dating someone is not an assurance of a life long partnership, loving each other is. It is choosing to work out things that help strengthen a relationship. Along the way, you’ll get to know each other and grow together. It’s a journey through life, and it could be more enjoyable if you have someone to go through it.

My father was very persistent in courting mama, even when he went back to work. They exchanged letters, even after they got married. I think I inherited their love for writing letters. It’s a reminder to always keep an open communication between you and your partner, either verbal or written. If you feel something, you have to communicate it. However, as the cliche goes, the tongue is mightier than the pen. So as you voice out your thoughts, be careful with your words. Reminder: say what you mean to say, and mean what you say.

God is always in the center of their relationship, even if they are not vocal about it. Put your faith in Him, and do your thing. ’nuff said.

Their story is far from over, and I am happy to be witnessing it. I am convinced that love is socially constructed. For every story of boy meets girl, there are people and/or circumstances that brought them together. However, it will always be their choice whether to take the risk of falling in love. Feeling the kilig is one thing, making it work is a different thing. Being in a relationship is not just about those happy moments, but also about those challenging times and getting through it together. Never look for love, it will find you. It will come in the most unexpected way. The wait may be long, but it is worth it. Above all, never give up love.

As for me, my own story continues. Still in the works, but I have faith in real love that is for keeps.


A Love That is for Keepse.


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​Debbie Manalili is currently pursuing her MA Sociology at the Ateneo de Manila University. A woman of all sorts: lakwatsera, an avid reader, an introvert, and a social media enthusiast. She is also an active part of the CFC-Youth For Christ community, a lay Catholic organization.

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