A Quiet Day in an Art Shop

What does living in the moment mean to me? Back then, it used to mean being able to free myself of all my worries, simply enjoying the present moment as if I didn’t have deadlines to beat or an angry mom hovering over me. However, over time, the way I understood the concept has evolved. From taking things one step at a time, to becoming a travelling hipster, to finally settling for a quiet day at an art shop… nowadays, living in the moment means a little different to me. But one thing’s for sure, it’s always about making time for yourself.

Being a student (or a corporate worker) can take a toll on your mind and body make time move slow, including yourself, while everything is on speed mode especially when getting to the finals week. So you lose track of time, jumble up deadlines and miss important meals of the day because you’re still getting that extra 5 minute snooze that you said would be the last.

It was only until I realized that nobody else but myself was in charge of my time that I put more focus on my interests and learned more about living in the moment. Getting the hang of it meant switching my body clock to normal once again and taking steps that went along with the actual rhythm of time. It meant separating myself from things that matter now and things that matter the most. There is an actual difference between the two and it is only when you live in the moment that you get a hold of it.

So where did my steps take me? It took me walking towards a stationery shop, ready to get a hold of the brightest colors and coolest sketchbooks I found. The euphoria of childhood would flashback and the possibility of creating something new with so much potential energy would be too much. But hey, I’m living in the moment right? And living in the moment means you take the time to breathe it in, feel it and let it out like a breath of fresh air.

You see, living in the moment didn’t just become about the sun gently caressing my skin and the sand playfully hiding between my toes, or finishing a hike to the mountain top with arms outstretched farther than Rose and Jack could ever dream of just to feel the strong winds. It could be as simple as being reduced to going inside an art shop just to breathe in every type of paper and colored pens like they were brand new shoes with a wicked addictive scent. These are the kind of moments that we want to live for and thus making us stronger, happier and more grateful to be alive.

About the Contributor

Aziza Z. Sadain, formerly based at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, recently graduated with BS Accountancy just last year. However she is first and foremost a dreamer, a lover of arts and sorts and lastly a daughter; Because life is too short to be doing auditing 24/7. Currently setting her sights on writing a fanfic story and also on becoming a children’s book illustrator. Catch her at her IG account @mina.barfsart

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