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A Well-Spent Me Time

There are moments when we need to be alone for some reflection. When things get busy, we should value the moments wherein we have the luxury of time to be on our own, where we enter a state of calmness and do things that can invigorate us.

The world now is could get full of complexities that sometimes make it so difficult to bear and deal with. However, we can still live positively and spend our time well. It is our choice- what we do and how we see things that dictates this.

Here are some simple tips on how you can spend your alone time productively:

  1.    Try to cook a new dish or bake some goodies.

You can browse recipe websites online or other resources for recipes that are healthy and affordable. By cooking good food or baking treats, you release your creativity and divert your attention from other things: work deadlines, the traffic that you always experience to and from work, your neighbor who plays loud music in the morning every weekend without considering that your Saturdays and Sundays are the only days you can stay longer in bed and catch on some sleep.

It is good to get your hands messy for something that will make your taste buds and tummy happy. You can also have the goodies that you baked and dishes that you cooked as your packed snack or meal in the office, so that you have something exciting to bring to work with you (you can even share it with your colleagues in the office and they’ll love you even more for it!)

  1.    Give your pet a bath (if you have one)

Giving your pet a good bath is an act of service and love. The joy they bring just by sitting beside them and cuddling them is also a gift we can give to ourselves.

  1.    Reflect on a bible verse.

One thing you can do to enrich your faith and spiritual life is by having quality time with God. Pick a verse from the bible and try to reflect on it, then say a little prayer. Try to do it every day and you’ll notice the big change it can do you.

  1.    Read a good book.

If you don’t have time during the weekdays, turn this into a good afternoon habit during the weekends or holidays.

  1.    Do arts and crafts.

You can try to do different activities like calligraphy, typography, painting, and other artsy that can make you happy. These are activities that can help you express yourself in the field of arts. You can check different blogs, Instagram accounts, and YouTube videos that offer free lessons to get a headstart!

The five things that I mentioned are just some of the things that you can do during ME time. Always remember that everyday or most of the time, we should do what makes us happy and fulfilled because we only get to live once. Enjoy life and be joyful always!

About the Contributor

Lorraine Biglang-awa is an HR Practitioner for four years. She loves: traveling, taking photos, reading fiction & non-fiction books and eating. She is the eldest among her siblings and she really values her family very much.

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Artwork by Ram Ng. For more of his works, visit his Instagram.

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