An empire builder and daily hustler,

she uses grit for bricks and a vivid vision

for a firm foundation.


She sits on a throne not made of gold,

but of hard-earned respect

for the hard work she pours –

bare hands, whole heart, all soul.


Every new victory, sometimes,

she wears as a crown,

but on most days, she is unadorned –

effortless in her elegance,

simple in her entirety.


She walks with quiet confidence,

and is at her loudest when she is silent.


Unapologetically upfront,

but vulnerably gentle,

she embraces spontaneity

and breathes life into her own reality.


Always hopeful and not ever fazed,

she never leaves any dream undreamed.


She stands behind her fortress as strong as her,

built from work that speak of her truth,

as she gazes towards new boundaries to conquer.


Then, she reminds herself:

“I am empowering, never overpowering.”

About the Contributor

A thrill-seeker, Celina Baylon lives each day dangerously by saying “Yes!” to the things that scare her the most. She never misses any chance to open herself up to endless wonders and possibilities, and to live out the stories and adventures inside her head. She also loves meaningful conversations, a hearty breakfast, and a glorious sunrise. Catch a glimpse of her adventures on

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