Art for Gold

“Art is about calling out the gold inside every person.”

– – –

I have never held a paintbrush nor have I gone anywhere near a canvass until I stepped into college.

I was always afraid that I’d mess things up and that I would only be a waste of space, time, and materials. I was okay with my sketches, but I dreaded colors.

It was until I got into university and met a group of crazy people who painted, wrote, and sang — regardless of which of the three they were good at.

There were those people who barged into cafeterias or sat near loners to do something crazy. They gave away free paintings, they sang songs they composed, and they danced in front of complete strangers! I was almost repelled by this but what drew me in was the reason they were doing it.

They wanted to call out the gold in people. They wanted to declare over others that they were loved, treasured, delighted in, by none other than their Father. They wanted to tell people that they had an identity: they were all sons and daughters of the most high King. And they did it all through what they called “prophetic arts”.

And it was, indeed, prophetic! I saw people cry because of a stick figure drawing or a simple photo of a balloon. There was an instance where a pair of them approached another pair of girls hanging out in the park. One of the girls received a picture of a crossroads. It was about the power of choice and the wisdom needed to make decisions. And truthfully so, the girl was at a crossroads in real life; she was thinking about shifting courses and transferring schools! The other girl received a picture of rain and clouds and the giver interpreted it as clouds and rain of blessing. Lo and behold, the girl was often called “Rain” by her peers because she seemed to be rained upon by problems and misfortunes in her life. The givers were able to pray for the two girls, the latter with tears in their eyes.

A different group went into a lab class and gave away photos to students. One freshman stood up and shared what he just received: a photo of a son running to his father. Apparently, his dad died a few years before, and he still hadn’t healed. But at the back of the photo it read: “You are never alone; You have a Father you can always run to 24/7.”

We were able to encourage and impact cities and towns like Calamba and Marinduque by giving paintings and speaking to the government officials, from the councilors, the Mayor, and even the Governor.

I never wanted to be a part of anything in college. But when I saw those people, their passion, compassion and creativity drew me in. I became part of the family. Those who led the movement believed in me, gave me tools, trained me, prayed for me, and loved me. One of them gave me a painting that told me I am to bring revival into campuses in the future. Right now, I one of the leaders of the movement in the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. It is our dream to transform lives and nations, and one of the ways we do it is through the arts.

– – –

Art, music, poetry. These aren’t just ways to release our creativity. These aren’t just outlets for our emotions. Art is also an outlet for God’s emotions and His creativity. It is in our nature to create art, because our Father is the best artist there ever is! He sees and has placed gold in each and everyone of us, and art is a tool for breaking the barriers that keep us from seeing our worth, our potentials, and our identity. He is calling out artists to release His love to the hurting, the hungry, and the broken.

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Kimberly Ante is a future scientist and world-changer. Currently a Biology major at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, she spends her extra time collecting insights — from movies, books, field exercises and even waiting in line — and writes or draws about them in her messy journals. She lives to wonder, discover, and empower.

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