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At the End of the Storm

Working on field at 50 degrees during summer, feeling hot air passing through my nostrils and bathing in a sandstorm were part of the happiest years of my life.  Sandy but clean air with the evidence of a multitude of birds flying and flocking here, there, and everywhere.  Various nationalities living and working in each city, almost surrounded by complete strangers wherever I go but much safer than home. Work permit regulations but more rewarding compensation-wise and less qualification requirements than Manila.

These were the images of the rainbow at the end of my old storm.  Indeed, it was the result of my previous past when I actively strived to find a better environment to live in.  Now, these images are stored in the box as part of my past, my wonderful memories.  These images also equipped me with a better mindset after learning a lot of lessons from those years of experiences.

I’m back home now and I make less than where I came from. It all depends on me now as to how my life will move from hereon.  It’s not about what 2 people can see looking at the same thing, but it’s how they see it.  I can choose to look at my situation as a dead end and hopeless given my meager income or I can choose to prepare for the next trip should I find a chance to take a ride to my next adventure.  So I chose to see brighter mornings each day and see each day as closer to the day I will fly again to another foreign land with long wider roads in speedy 4x4s, on board international cruise vessels, with my first 1-bedroom flat in Tagaytay, my books out in the market, farming investments, charity works, happier family – building that legacy I wish my loved ones would read over during my funeral.

Going back to the basics, what I sow is what I reap.  I show love even to the unloveable, I don’t hate at the least.  I smile at everyone, I get ignored at the least.  I stop to help a person in need, I get help whenever I need one.  I visit and present to more prospective clients, I get more chances of closing the next sale. I meet and exceed sales target, I get more incentives and commissions leading to good performance for future promotions.  I submit my CV to more companies, I get more chances of landing a job.  I visit the gym 6 times a week, I gain more fitness and strength.  I practice French each weekend, I get more chances to have conversational French.  I learn and practice dance steps, I gain more expertise on the dance floor.  I write more chapters of my book, the closer I get to finishing it.  I regularly meet up with friends, I hone better relationships.

Simply put, the more colors we apply on a dull picture, the more life and beauty we reflect on towards ourselves.  Only when we put colors on that picture can we see its beauty.  Only when we contribute something good to make our lives better can we see a better future.  Nothing in this world is free.  We must be willing to give in order to receive.  How can we expect the flowers to bloom if we don’t water the plant regularly?  How can we expect cleanliness in our surroundings if we don’t clean up?  How can we expect our money to grow if we don’t invest it?  How can we expect to be fit and healthy if we don’t exercise regularly and have a balanced diet?  How can we expect to become an expert swimmer if we don’t swim and practice the strokes regularly?  How can we expect to earn more if we don’t strive to exceed employers’ expectations?   How can I get more customers if I stay in the office all day everyday? How can I work overseas if I don’t strive to find ways to travel?  How can we say we can’t if we haven’t even tried?

In whatever stage or age we are in life, we can’t say it’s over until we lose air to breathe.  To be able to make the most of what we have will make us truly happy.  I may be in my stormy days right now but it will be over soon.  While in the storm, I do whatever I can to survive it and prepare my game plan for when the storm ceases. We always look forward to something spectacular in life but, sometimes, we may not be prepared to face it when it comes.  So, whether we are at the storm or seeing the rainbow now, we must prepare for whatever situation.  Gone are the days when I wasted the given opportunities by being unprepared and not looking outside of the box.  I experienced the toughest storm in my life to see more wonderful things and to look forward to what life can offer.


The above is from Chapter 26 of Aimee Buzon’s book that she is writing as an encouragement to single men and women who have not yet found their lifetime partner.  

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Aimee Buzon is a 47-year-old single sales engineer of Maccaferri (Philippines) who wants to become a personal trainer, life coach and writer until retirement.

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