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I’ve always been an overachiever. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew (if to be completely honest, most of the time). Being “bored” was never part of my dictionary. Ever since I was in grade school, I was the type who’d always wanted to fulfill so many things all at the same time, because it made me feel successful.

High school was pretty much the same. I wasn’t the best in class, but I made it a point I was part of all the organizations- be part of the varsity team, be the student council President. And that all happened for me, because I knew I wanted that from the very beginning. See, even back in high school, I learned that setting a goal is very important to be able to achieve what you want in life. And I brought that with me until college, and at my work.

It was still the same for college, only this time it was a mix of good and bad. Even before I entered college, people were contacting me to join their political organizations. I won’t lie— I was flattered. I think I’d actually be hurt if they didn’t reach out because modesty aside, I knew I worked so hard enough in high school just so I could be heard all the way in my future college. So they made me run. Politics in the university I attended was intense. Intense in sense that I never thought I could get into a fight, or encounter people that were extremely, strongly against me. I wasn’t ready, I was so afraid to fail, and to disappoint the people that had supported me since the beginning. And so I let that get to me, and I lost. I couldn’t do anything else but apologize, because I knew there wasn’t anyone else to blame but myself. But see, that’s the thing about losing. Sometimes you have to lose so that you can get back up even better than the last time.

And then love happened. Love made me go through my lowest and highest points in life. Love made me insecure, love made me strong. Love made me cry, love celebrated with me. Love was rude and mean, but love made me feel secure. Love was wrong, and then love was right. Love was lost, and love was found again. I think that I will forever be in debt to my relationship because of all I’ve learned, and what I know I will be learning in the next years.

For the past 3 years, I have had two internships and two jobs. In my lifetime, I’ve experienced too many things already that I couldn’t have imagined would happen to me. As I got older, I slowly knew how to manage my life well because being a working student is never easy. I work from 9am-6pm, and go to school twice a week to be able to finally get that diploma I’ve been longing for years now. Everyday I squeeze in 2 hours to workout because it relieves my stress; it makes me forget everything that happened the whole day (and gives me less reasons to be insecure).

As crazy as it sounds, it all probably did me good. I don’t consider myself as a loser that didn’t have any friends or time to go out and go to clubs because I learned that those things didn’t matter. People started looking up to me—they wanted to know how I do did things, they wanted to do what I did. At the end of the day, it’s all about hard work and faith. It’s not about the fame, it’s not about the number of things you can put in your resume. It’s about working hard for what you want and putting God first, because then everything else will follow.

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Angela Albotra is a 4th year Organizational Communications student from De La Salle University, a senior accounts officer for Bridges PR, a corporate communications practitioner, and an events organizer.

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