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Be Grateful That You Can Move

A few years ago, Facebook was launched. As they say, we all have the freedom to express how we feel (either positive or negative), and so many of us would post statuses on our Facebook timelines of just about anything. Fast forward to 2014, Facebook is still widely used by most people though some of us are already tired of reading negative Facebook posts such as the feeling of being lazy to go back to school/work, especially on a Monday.

I think that it is natural to sometimes feel lazy to move especially if our body feels tired, or if we want a longer weekend or vacation. But come to think of it… we are actually blessed that we even have a school or an office to go to. Some people are doing everything that they can to be able to go to such places, while we are complaining on the other hand.

I think most of us have met several people in our lives who made us realize that we should be grateful that we can even move:

  • I went to Bench before to buy a pair of shoes. I looked for someone who can assist me. So I found a sales lady and asked for her assistance. I was surprised that she did “sign language” to be able to assist me. That was back in 2006 and I’ll never forget that moment.
  • I love buying fruit shakes in Fruitas. One day in Fruitas in SM Mall of Asia, me and my friend wanted to buy “buko shake”. And the staff who got our order was deaf and mute.
  • Commuters who ride in Erjohn and Almark bus from Cavite may know this blind old lady who rides the bus and departs somewhere in Buendia to go to her work.
  • During the rush hours in Ayala, we see disabled people moving along with others as they go to work.

These are just some moments that make us realize that we are blessed that we are able to move normally. I admire people with disabilities who do not make their disabilities an excuse so they can live normally. I also admire companies who hire and give PWD a chance to earn a living.

So the next time we complain in Facebook or Twitter or any social media channel, let these people remind us that we should be grateful that we can move.

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