Be Your Own Amazing

Sometimes, you may think that you aren’t enough. You give your best, but no one appreciates it. You believe that you should just follow the trends of society and conform to what most people do. You wish to be one of them. You wanted them to praise you.

But, there’s more to what you see that you don’t know. In a world reigned by the internet and social media, you follow what you see other people do. You become a robot of society. “Conformity is a personality trait that allows the opinions and attitudes of others to govern one’s behavior.” (Chaplin, 1985: Dictionary of Psychology). It is a trait that seems to prevail today; does it prevail with you? Do you like being a puppet of this society? Do you like others dictating how you should look and dress? Are you guilty of allowing what you see online to govern your life?

We are all individually different. We are our own kinds of amazing. Avoid comparing yourself with others; we each have our own unique journeys. We may get jealous, insecure, and left out, but we should always keep in mind that we were not made to simply conform. Your behavior should reflect your individuality (as long as it is not harmful nor a cause of distress to others) and once you embrace this, feelings of anxiety would decrease. Instead of dedicating your time to comparing yourself with others and living their lives, dedicate it to working on yourself, on your own happiness and fulfillment.

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Kimberly Kaye Bangoy is a psychology graduate of San Pedro College, aspiring to use art in many forms to help people realize their own potentials. See more of her work on Instagram

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