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Be Your Own Sunshine

Whether we’re aware of it or not, there’s a cadence of conversation going on within us. Often, an engagement with that inner voice that speaks no matter where we are, whenever. A stream of thoughts flowing through the spaces in our heads, speaking to our heart center, able to stir that fire in the belly or extinguish it in an instant. Like a choreography, this inner rhythm finds its way through our actions and words, paving the way for bridges to be built or walls to be mounted between ourselves and everyone else.

Or perhaps, be like a gatekeeper to personal stillness as a respite from all the hustle and bustle. Living in a digitized, tech-crazed world, we’re subject to a lot of frenzy from the outside – an incessant neighbor, rowdy drivers on the road, or work or school pressures that significantly affect our mood and behavior. All these can seem to take its toll on our patience and there are days when you wish that a magic portal opens up, warps you in and transports you anywhere but here. In these instances, have you ever paused to catch what that inner voice was saying? The conversation we have with ourselves is just so important that it pushes the buttons that drive our actions.

Finding the voice of positivity can be a challenge, but giving in to the shadow of doubt and negativity can be paralyzing. If I were to choose, I’d go for having an internal cheerleader over a nagging basher any day. Point be made though, this choice should come from a place of trust and confidence than mere wishful thinking. Have trust and confidence that, yes, there are things outside of our control but we’ve done our part and (hopefully) did our best.

How might we find this voice? Well, one is quieting down long enough to recognize the chatter and move away from it. You don’t need an hour sitting in the lotus pose to channel into this quiet (although it would be great to have a regular meditation practice) but tap into this any time as the occasion calls for it.  That momentary pause draws a line, marking a boundary between you and the oncoming wave of negative self-talk. As it approaches, you put your hand up to push away its onslaught and watch it dissipate. Then shift to that finer tune of internal frequency and inch your way forward to a more positive state.

If we’ve been used to the company of the nagging basher for so long then it’s about time we cut loose and be our own cheerleader and best friend. There is and there will be road bumps ahead. But isn’t it more important to get up, shake the dust off from your feet and go on?  No use berating yourself and engaging in negative self-talk. Channel your energy towards worthwhile actions instead. Like a garden, it takes sunshine, rainfall, and the loving care of the gardener to make it lush. So tend to your own garden. Prune away weeds and let the evergreen grass grow beautifully towards the sunshine, delighting everything else that ventures into it. It starts with how we plant the seeds of positive words and thoughts to make room for sunlight to come in.

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