Because True Love Is Worth The Wait

When you are in your twenties, being single is somehow cynical and unlikely, especially when you never had any previous relationships with an opposite sex.  People often wonder about the why’s and the how’s and sometimes, it takes a whole lot of strength to convince a person why you’ve stayed on that record after all these years. But, you remain to be calm and optimistic as ever before. Deep inside, you simply know the answer, but won’t bother to argue with others about your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sometimes, it comes to mind why the guy I’ve been praying to be my significant other has not yet arrived. There are instances when I’ve asked myself, “Am I destined to be single forever and spend special occasions alone?

I continue to become positive despite of the good jealousy feels that stings me whenever my friends enjoy the company of their relationships, all while traversing in the difficulties brought about by being entwined with someone else.

As I observe these couples trying to put my feet on their shoes, I am excited as to what God has in store for my personal life. I know that jumping into a relationship is not a fad that you get into when you feel like doing it, or something you sign yourself up to experience a certain thrill but log out off once you decide not to pursue it anymore.

I’ve realized, in my years of being single, that relationships do work because the persons in it invest their time, energy, and effort. Most importantly, healthy relationships become successful in the end because it is pure, true, and respectful of one another’s dignity and beliefs.

I want my relationship to be the imperfectly perfect story I will ever have – a kind of written tale that is unique in words and original in account. I keep on reminding myself not to rush because my life as a single person should never be taken for granted, and that commitment means fully giving yourself to the person you’re going to love and be with. Singlehood does not define boredom, loneliness, and solitary confinement. It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, I should be more thankful, inspired, and motivated right now to become the best version of who I am. When the time comes that I get to finally meet him, that moment will be really worth the wait.

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Claudette De Guzman works as a Trade Marketing Specialist in an FMCG company. She’s also an online freelance writer who writes academic papers and articles. She loves writing poems, short stories and fiction and fondness in words and puns inspires her to write more. Aside from getting involved in pen and paper, she sheds reasonable amount of her hands in painting and her feet in running marathons. Her interests include a good book, a cup of coffee, and a warm company of a friend.


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