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Emotions. Just a single word that has so much impact. And right now, my emotions are kind of like a roller coaster. I feel sad, nervous, excited, happy, angry and frightened all at the same time. Sometimes,  I feel like I want to shout it all out and burst into tears. I realized I haven’t done this for a long time, to simply cry because of anger or sadness.

Being the head of the Intercession (Prayer) Ministry, I have to set a good example. It makes me feel that I have to be upright all the time, that I have no right to show my emotions at all. And that’ss why I’m writing instead.

Whenever I attend a small group discussion regarding emotions in a life of a Christian, they teach us to manage our emotions. It is helpful somehow because humans are humans and we are emotional creatures. Having emotions gives us edge among other creations. We can determine our emotions, show them, and rule over them. How did I say so? Have you seen a monkey control his anger when another monkey steals the banana he’s about to eat? Of course not. That monkey will fight for that. But for us human beings, we can control it. For example, your little sister gets your food but instead of stealing it back from her, you will give it. Yes, you will be mad but why is it that you are not inclined to hit her or take back what she got from you? That’s because of our existing relationship. As siblings, we can understand all things that come with it– even if it means your little sister getting your food from you.

A good relationship with other people can be an avenue for growth in controlling our emotions. People can influence people in so much as they can learn from them. That’s why it is said– as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Emotions are beyond feelings and our feelings cannot be trusted sometimes in conveying what is right. The sooner we are able to determine how fickle our emotions are, the better off we are. We can’t always rely on what we feel to determine things. For instance, we can feel like we’re having a rough time during the start of the day but it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna be a great day. We can turn things or around or see things like it’s going to be rough for the rest of the day. That’s an example of how your emotions can rule over you.

If we can’t handle our emotions or if we are having a hard time handling them, I suggest to lift it up to God and tell Him what we feel. That’s what I did before I scribbled these things down. I asked God what to do with these thoughts. And you know what He told me? Write it down. Because sometimes, it helps us release the intensity of what we are feeling by simply writing our thoughts and emotions down.

I learned that if we share our positive emotions, it grows as well. So when we are happy or excited, the intensity of those emotions also grow when we talk about it. This is the same with the negative ones. So, be sure that you only share positive feelings and let those negatives die and fade away. If you cannot contain it, write it. Just like what I did!

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Claudette Coronel is a Systems Engineer by profession, serving God through the Ministry of Prayers and handling students and Kid’s Church. She is a lover of all things beautiful and living to be inspired to, inspire and be a world-changer! Someday, she will go across the different parts of the world sharing the Word and writing about everything those places has to offer.

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