Bitter Endings, Better Beginnings

For a 20-year old girl, I can say that I’m pretty much at the prime of my life last 2013 – good grades, great friends, happy love life, peaceful home. When my 2014 unfolded, I got overwhelmed by the endless pouring of trials that came along with it. My father got hospitalized again and I almost lost him. My exam schedules and school work got in the way, too, adding to the burden I tried so hard to carry. Before the school year ended, my first love left me at the brink of my final examinations without even bothering to tell me what’s going on. He just vanished like a vapor. As much as I was devastated by the turn of events, I had to keep my cool to take my exams and attend to my family.

A few days away from my 21st birthday, my grades came out. Sadly, I failed a 6-unit subject. I said to myself, “You’ll be celebrating your 21st with a broken heart and a broken transcript.” After wallowing in pain for some time, I’ve realized that I can make my life better. I can turn this thing around. The Lord never makes a mistake. Our greatest and deepest pains will be the avenue of our greatest glories. Without all of these trials, I will not be able to appreciate and see the precious value of my success in the future. Victory is much sweeter when you know defeat and failures. If you don’t know agony, how can you know its difference from joy?

I just received a call from the mother of my bestfriend. She’s hiring me to be a staff of her newly opened restaurant business. My original dream was to be in the food business rather than being in the medical field. However, with this opportunity, I can have both with the bonus of trying new things, meeting new people, and learning new lessons. With the absence of a significant other, I can also dedicate more time to my family, friends, church, and passion. I also realized that I’ve been purposely neglecting myself for the sake of other people and their expectations of me for the longest time I can remember, but now, I’m choosing to make myself happy. I’m going to rebuild and love myself first. You have to be okay to help others to be okay, right? I may have had many bitter endings in the first quarter of my 2014, but I dare to make new, better beginnings. My setbacks will never set me back.

About the Contributor

Krystine Angela Esguerra Tolentino is currently a student of the University of the Philippines (Manila and is taking up Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She shares with us her personal story on how setbacks can jumpstart new opportunities and beginnings, and even help you discover yourself a bit more.

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