BLOGGING 101: Why it’s okay to have 7 likes

With social media’s existence, insurmountable data has been posted and collected. Your lunch yesterday and that party last Friday has been recorded in digital history and has been liked by 127,583 people — that is if you’re a famous person like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, or Queen Bey’.

If you’re part of the majority of this blogging world (myself included) who only have a handful of followers and likers, feeling lame could come easily especially if you see other people raking in a gazillion fans.

The fight to be “cool” or to get your name up there is harder now because you have quantitative data to back up who was cool/relevant and who was, well, less cool/relevant.  I’ve always been part of the underdogs, the misfits, the kids  trying to stand-out or trying to make a difference in their own way.

So what do I propose for us who are “quantitatively challenged” by social media?

Be yourself and be true to your digital content. Being online is all about being you while being in a digital medium. If you’re after quantitative results (i.e. 167 likes), it’s easy to achieve – just follow what everyone else is doing. From what I observe, there seems to be template on how to get more likes.

Here are some of them:

1. Post a photo of you in a bikini in the beach

2. A nice flatlay of a book or magazine with a laptop or a bag

3. An #ootd of yourself against some nice mural

4. A “just finished working out, look at my biceps” selfie

5. Eat in the latest restaurant and take some photos of the food and interiors

These can probably assure you more likes but the problem with copying these formulated photos is the fact that you’re losing the main essence of a blog, which is YOU! As my professor of mine once told me, “In this digital world, people can smell bull—.” People can tell if you’re faking it and if you’re not genuine, and being genuine & true is what makes people like (really like, not shallow-like) your blog.

Look at it this way:

Would you rather have a piece liked by seven people and have their lives changed by that one post than have 236 people like it and forget about it a week later? I would rather help 12 people in their blogging career or their business than have 375 like a photo of me half naked.

More doesn’t mean better and less doesn’t mean horrible. In today’s digital age, posting anything is easy but the search for life-changing content is not. Be part of the life-changing content part of the internet. Have content that goes beyond looking good, have content that helps make people feel good and helps them to BE good.

It all boils down to purpose. What was your purpose in posting that content? Was it simply for societal recognition or was it for something more? Think about it.

The internet’s content is only as good as what you place in it and I think we need better content than selfies.

Live and post a bit deeper.

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Pat Herbolario is an Editorial Writer for Condo Living. This article was originally posted on Pat’s blog, www.littlemissteapat.com.

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  1. Prince Maki says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing write up Pat. Makes me realize my contents in IG and FB. But that’s right, it’s not about those temporal moments, it’s the longer effect of the words or contents you’re putting online. It’s how you influence them rather than just showing them, think of long term rather than a short term effect to somebody who might need it. Yay! Fist bumo from here.