Bravery and Joy

I would like to share how I am trying to brew my best year in hopes to reach out to all other millenials out there who may seem lost and feeling the pressure of the question, “Now what?”

As a back story, last January I just passed my board exam for architecture. So, everyone was like Congratulations! Happy! Perfect! Good Job!

But, I was like, “Now what?” I’ve checked all the boxes: graduated college then passed the board. Now what? Then it struck me, what do I do now?

For the rest of the year, I felt oh so empty and lost and depressed. Nothing was wrong actually. I have a job, my family and friends are okay, nothing tragic was happening. But, I felt like I wasn’t growing. Instead, I was becoming depleted slowly and painfully. I easily got pissed. I was irritable. I even hated my officemates who laughed often. I was like a dementor who wanted to suck the life out of other people.

Then, it hit me. As I was becoming more and more anti-social and a killjoy. I felt, “this is not me.” And, that was when I decided to stop being in a rut and immersing in my self-imposed cave of depression and misery.-

I prayed and really tried my best to shut out all the noises in my head and just listen to what I was desperately trying to tell myself. “Follow your dreams no matter what.”

And so before the year ended, I decided to embark on a new chapter in my life and enrolled for a masters degree. Amidst all the noises even from the ones I love telling me otherwise, I stuck it out and followed my heart.

I know this is all cliche follow your heart blah, blah but what I wanted to really share was how to follow through once you’ve decided to go on with whatever you set out to pursue.

I read it from Neil Gaiman and it was his New Year’s message, not sure what year though. It goes like this,

“It’s a New Year and with it comes a fresh opportunity to shape our world.

So this is my wish, a wish for me as much as it is a wish for you: in the world to come, let us be brave – let us walk into the dark without fear, and step into the unknown with smiles on our faces, even if we’re faking them.

And whatever happens to us, whatever we make, whatever we learn, let us take joy in it. We can find joy in the world if it’s joy we’re looking for, we can take joy in the act of creation.

So that is my wish for you, and for me. Bravery and joy.”

It really resonated with me and from then on it became my new mantra.

For me it translated into having the courage, the energy, the enthusiasm, the guts and the belief to do, to work hard, to push, to simply show up, to simply wait longer, to bear more. And while doing all these, smiling and showing ourselves and the whole crazy, noisy world how we’ll be working hard but smiling and inhaling the faint yet rejuvenating scent of positivity.

BRAVERY and JOY, my friends, is the perfect combination to brew our best year.

Working hard and being grateful and sending off good vibes can be the best intoxicating smell we can all aim to send wafting from our souls.

Be brave to take the leap! Be brave to go for it! Be brave to shut out everything and just do it! Be brave enough to smile and stun people with your positivity amidst all the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the fears and the uncertainties.

The law of attraction is true. It might not happen at once. But, slowly you will see how taking action and believing in the goodness of people can actually turn your life around.

So, again quoting Neil Gaiman, that’s my wish for all of you out there, Bravery and Joy!

About the Contributor

Myra Elisse Anit is an Architect, Designer, and an Art Studies student. She shares how sometimes in life, we don’t always end up in the path we have planned for ourselves. But at the same time – without expecting – a redirection can give us the fulfillment and happiness that we seek; we just have to face it with bravery.

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