Brew Your Best Year With God

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”
-Romans 12:12 (ESV)

This verse reminds me that in all situations we may be in, there is always HOPE.

Sometimes, all we can see is the insufficiency we have today and how things don’t seem like they’re going well for us. But remember that God allowed us to be in this situation because He knows that we can get through it without walking away. Also, the verse sums up what we should do in times of affliction.

For me, it leads us to do these things:

1. BE JOYFUL IN HOPE. I remember the message of Pastor Neil of Victory Makati, he said that the first reaction of many people in a bad situation is to “GET OUT” immediately and find the easiest way to escape reality. He also said that God allowed us to be in that situation for us to celebrate hope in pain. This is applicable in all aspects: work, life, love life, and such. But we should also be wise to decipher that if the situation dishonors God, then the best thing to do is to let go.

2. PATIENT IN AFFLICTION. Everything has its time. If today, you are suffering, maybe tomorrow, you’re in cloud 9. I have learned too, to thank God that even though I am lacking, there are still plenty of things I am blessed with. Many people complain about traffic; but they’ve been blessed with cars that others cannot obtain. Some people rant about signal loss and slow internet connection; but they’ve been blessed with a phone to use that others do not have. The point is, try to be grateful first before complaining how do you do in life.

3. FAITHFUL IN PRAYER. Let’s trust that God is generous enough to give us what we pray for if He deems it fit for us. If we want something so much, we can ask God for it, but we have to work for it too.

Life can get hard at times, but if we remember to keep these things in mind, we can keep looking at the brighter side of things. This way, we can live a more meaningful life that’s full of hope for ourselves and for others.

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