Change – that’s what matters most. Change is what you reap when you invest the right words and actions. Change is constant, and it’s our responsibility to keep that change positive. Here are the little things I do to achieve that:


I believe that offering your time to be of service to others is a noble act. To give back to the community, I volunteer time as a Counselor for Love Yourself, an HIV awareness and prevention advocacy group. I talk privately with our counselees to get rid of their misconceptions about HIV, lend ears ready to listen, and ultimately, make them aspire for change. The moments I have with these people are so intense, true, and sometimes heartbreaking. I know the few minutes we spend together will make a mark in their lives.


I don’t treat my day job just as a way to earn money and make friends. As a Copy Editor, I take time to help my writers learn how to be better at their jobs. I don’t act like a know-it-all, but a guide that they can trust. I strongly believe that having the right relationship with the people you’re teaching is the key to make them listen and improve.


Lastly, I never forget to nurture myself. Self-assessment is important because to make a positive change, you have to be in touch with yourself: your passions, your purpose, and the authenticity of your heart. Without these, everything you do will just turn into busywork. Nurturing my talents and passions is important to me because this is the only way for me to do anything wholeheartedly.

“Be the change you want to see.” Complaining and complacency have never brought about positive change but being an example of the change you want to see is what will inspire people and ultimately make them follow.

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Kevin Tuazon is a Senior Associate Copy Editor in Affinity Express, a Contributing Writer in Elite Daily, and a Volunteer Counselor in LoveYourself. For more of his works, visit his blog.

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