One of the great things I’ve learned from listening to Taylor Swift’s songs is to never be afraid of change. Face it. Embrace it. Don’t run away from it.

Taylor’s fearless aura never fails to amaze me. Her desire to become someone who strives to be better each day inspires me to keep becoming a better version of myself as well. I don’t know how she does it, but for me she does it well.

I am 21 and I make decisions carefully but sometimes, carelessly, allowing myself to drown in an ocean of emotions. I guess that is normal. The thing is, I do not allow myself to run out of air to breathe. I get out of the ocean, take a deep breath, move on, and tell myself “This is a new day, and I am becoming someone new. I am making the most out of what I have now. Nothing can pull me down.”

As a graduating Accounting student, this academic year serves as a make or break for me. Fail a major subject and you are at the verge of not being able to graduate on time. Not that graduating on time is the thing that matters most, CPA Board Exam does; but I am an irregular student, a transferee from another school… and it would be painful to lose another year or another semester for one mistake that I could have had avoided since Day 1. Give up in the middle of your journey, and you’ll never get to where you want to be. So I continue to fight, to dream, and to achieve. I have failed a thousand times but during those failures, I made sure that I fought hard and that I learned from them. I made sure to pick the pieces of myself back together. I am always someone new.

There have been a lot of changes that I welcomed and a lot of changes that I resisted. And out of all the chances I got and the choices I made, I always made sure that I would still stand up for whatever I believed in– that I wouldn’t just be one of those people ‘going with the flow’, that I wouldn’t just be a part of the crowd. I made sure that I only competed with myself, becoming someone even better than who I was before.

This post is about changes. This post is about an aspiring Certified Public Accountant who is currently afraid about what will happen next to her and her future; yet fearlessly facing the unknown ahead of her. This post is about being a new and better version of one’s self each day. This post is about not letting other people’s opinion of you let you down. This post is about new journeys and new adversities in life. This post is about a 21-year-old girl listening to Taylor Swift’s songs to brighten up her day. This post is about never being afraid again.


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April Eunice Brillante is an aspiring Certified Public Accountant, a frustrated writer, and a chaser of dreams. In love with fluffy unicorns, she believes that someday, in some way, she could live in a magical world called “Eunicornlandia.”

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