Chill! We Will Be The Best

I believe that I can become the best version of myself by taking my time time and not intending to become the best too soon. For others, taking your time may be viewed as a sign of mediocrity. As they would say, time is always of the essence, and moving in slow pace is a sign of not being good enough.

Yet, here I am saying that we should slow down. Well, yes, we have to pause once in a while because moving in leaps and bounds might bring us to the wrong direction. In a throng of millennials engaging in an ostensibly competitive, dog-eat-dog careerism, we have to slow down and spare ourselves from the rush. Go ahead and ask yourself, “Did I really join the race, or was I just passing by when suddenly I was carried away to dash with everyone else?”

My story is a relatively speedy one since college graduation. I was working in the morning, studying at night, and occasionally getting sick just to finish grad school as soon as possible. It was out of my own will, but, with this I have noticed how I have partially missed out on the highlights of my youth.

I was in a hurry with my career and academics, that I missed out on spending quality time with my loved ones. My eyes were too focused on that target that I lost track of pursuing my other talents, advocacies, and hobbies. I did not go out with my friends that much, as I thought would hinder me from attaining my goals.

I suddenly felt that I was turning into this gloomy version of myself. I found these realities difficult to accept since I wanted to advance my career and academic goals in the first place. I realized that I was missing out on a lot in my life just because I was in a hurry and trying to be faster than others. Good thing, I managed to step on the brake pedal as soon as I realized it.

I am allotting enough time to know myself better, and soon become best version of myself. This includes the conception of goals that best suit me. Life is not about comparing goals and achievements with other people. It should be about exploring oneself and choosing the path that best fits one’s strengths and weaknesses. Let us slow down every now and then to make sure that we are traversing the right path.

I will not measure my success on my ability to surpass others, rather, I will base it on my happiness and fulfillment as I realize my dreams. Our perceptions and views on what’s best for us may be completely different, but it should not be an issue.

Once in a while, I will take a break. Perhaps, I’ll be sipping more coffee and take my time on envisioning the bright future ahead of me and figuring how I can make it happen.

About the Contributor

Vinci Beltran is a Cum Laude graduate of BA Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She is about to start her last semester for her Master’s Degree in Women and Development in the same university. She has been in government service for more than three years, which started at the Office of the President and now being continued at the Commission on Audit. Amid all these, she wishes to continue being an artist .

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Photo by Gabriel Alan. For more of his works, visit his Instagram.

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