Choose Your Heartaches

Do you know how the people around us tell us to choose our battles well?

It isn’t so hard to understand. It all boils down to knowing when to stand up and fight, or turn your back and walk away.

I had this in mind when I decided to quit my job last year. I knew that quitting my job to pursue something else I was really passionate about was going to be life-changing. It was a journey that I chose to embark on. With so much optimism, I initially thought that this path would be easier compared to my 9-5 job. When I made the shift, I kept on thinking “How could something I love and enjoy doing be difficult, when it’s as simple as being true to myself?”

Has it been easier than my 9-5 job – the job that taught me how to be strong, resilient and independent- but I never learned how to fully love?

No, it hasn’t. I got it all wrong.

A lot of times, I had to convince myself to repeatedly choose this path. Like my 9-5 job, there were hurdles that tested not just my dedication, but also my character. There were people who were difficult and who continuously questioned my beliefs. Situations kept on popping out to challenge my ideas and actions. There were days in which I could easily brush it off and go on, but there were days that I couldn’t. I would spend nights curling up in bed and crying because of one heartache after another.

The thing is, we tend to think that choosing our battles mean choosing the battles that we can win easily. The idea of “choosing” made us believe that we can have the opportunity to avoid people and situations that might hurt us.

No matter where we go or what we choose, there will always be frustrations and disappointments. This is what choosing our battles really means. It is being completely aware of the pros and cons of our decisions. It is fully accepting the journey without skipping the awful parts. It is embracing the pain of making mistakes along the way. It is allowing the heartaches to hit you hard, because that’s the time you realize that it was all worth it.

About the Contributor

KC Boter climbed out of her corporate cubicle and founded Love Mondays Project (www.lovemondaysproject.com), which aims to help people discover what they love to do and gain courage to pursue it. She attended The Passion Test Certification Program in Japan and came back as the only Certified Passion Test Facilitator in the country. She believes that the only way to live is to do what you love every single day!


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Photo by Ria Ison, a graduate of BA Sociology in UP Diliman. She is currently working as an HR Mobility Practitioner in IBM. She is a passionate brush calligrapher and coffee drinker. She believes that we should always make time to do what we enjoy. For more of her calligraphy works, check out her Instagram.

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