Crazy Mornings

Wow, I always love new beginnings!
With You I’d spend my crazy mornings!
Oh, Daddy, I open up to You my heart
Allow it to see the seasons change and start

In Your presence, it’s always like springtime
Oh-oh! Hahaha. Again, I ran out of rhyme :p
But hahaha. Daddy, just fill my heart with love
Sweet, sweet presence, fill me from above!

Papa, I wrote to You this simple poem
Cause my heart’s thankful it has found a home
You are my dwelling place, my sanctuary 
Your love is beyond what I can carry

Daddy, all I want is to be just a child
I’ll seek You when everything is going wild
Everyday I will desire to have a heart that is pure
And could not be moved by any outward pressure

Oh, how I want to look at You, Papa, smiling
And gaze at Your eyes like the sun, it’s shining
I come to You to rest and surrender my every crown
And at Your feet, Lord, I come to lay it all down

This is a poem written to God. Things were not going well when I wrote this but when I started to write, I was wrecked by the vastness of the love of God. He stays through thick, thin and in-between. May you also find rest and strength in gazing at Him!

About the Contributor

Ella Gamba is a BS Chemistry student in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Jesus has become her ultimate passion and pursuit. She believes that having a personal relationship with Him is the best treasure one could ever have.

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Artwork by Abbey Sy, Brew Your Best Year Contributing Artist, letterer and moment collector. Passionate about all things art and travel, Abbey chronicles her daily adventures over at her blog and Instagram. A lover of good books, good food and good design, she loves to find beauty in every day life. For more of her artworks, visit her Instagram.

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