Creating YOU: A Purpose-Driven Year

The thing I love about the New Year is that it is one of the most real metaphors of a fresh start. Sure, most of us will probably enter the year with the same job; will be with the same people, doing the same work we left in the previous year. But, the New Year gives us the chance to slow down, pause, and recalibrate our lives. In a world that moves fast, responsibilities here and there, changes after changes, it is of great challenge to just stop and breathe. The New Year gives us that opportunity- and it is our choice to grab it or let it slide again. Grab it and make it real or let it slide so it remains a metaphor?

Have you ever thought why we make these goals and resolutions every new year? It must be because we want to create/recreate ourselves. I have nothing against this practice, as I was once caught up with doing such. I can still remember those years when I would write my goals in the first few pages of my planner in the hopes of creating myself, thinking that those goals defined me. I was probably caught up with the “New Year hype those days. I knew that I wanted to achieve the things on my list, but looking back, I forgot to ask myself why I wanted them. This is probably why I also failed to achieve majority of those in the list, because I failed to recognize how they were an essential part of the bigger picture.

If there is one thing I will do differently for this year, it is to search the deepest corners of my heart and let my purpose in life resurface in my thoughts and decisions.  To let that purpose drive my goals and priorities for the year. Gary Keller, in his book ‘The One Thing’ argues that “the most productive people start with a purpose and use it like a compass”. He says that the path to success is to let our priorities be guided by our purpose. The New Year gives us the chance to achieve this. Once the holidays are over, time will move fast again. Before we go back to our offices, to our responsibilities, we are given this chance to prepare how we will create ourselves this year.  

What is it that one thing you do that makes your heart skip a beat? What can get you up in the morning with so much enthusiasm? What gives you all the energy that you even forget that you haven’t had your cup of coffee yet? What is that one thing that makes you feel like you have found yourself?

Whenever we feel lost, we do not need to search our purpose in the world. It has always been there inside us, we only need to look deeper into our hearts. Find your purpose so you can find and create yourself in return.

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