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Parents can sometimes be strict and enforcing; they may stop you from pursuing what you love. Then you become a follower to someone who directs your life. In some cases, you would think that it might be fine but in truth, it really is not. You become more dependent on their ideas, when in fact you should be the one making your own ideas and your own life decisions in the first place. The time comes when you want to be independent and you want to pursue a college degree that’s different from what they think is right. You just sit quietly in your room, thinking about how to escape their shadows and just go out to the world and showcase your skills. If there’s a time to want something for yourself, it has to be now.

You go to college, getting the degree that your parents want for you and not what you want. You fail due to your lack of passion for what you do. You wake up hearing every kind of sermon, feeling every kind of anger, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You go to school everyday like a living zombie. You wear a happy suit which masks your sadness deep inside. You want the world to hear you scream all your problems away– but you never could. You eventually end up physically and mentally beat up, knowing that what you’re doing has always been for other people and not for yourself. You end up graduating and you’re still sad because you’ve become enslaved to all that they wanted. Eventually, you become unhappy all your life thinking about wasted effort, wasted money, wasted time, and what could’ve happened if you just stuck with your dreams.

The point is do what you love. When you love something, you tend to push yourself, you go the extra mile because of that deep desire to know something better. It will neither seem like work, nor will you think of it as stressful but more like play and happy deep inside. It’s time to show the world who you really are and what you’re capable of. Unlock that potential deep inside you that always wanted to make itself known to the world. You’ll never lock yourself inside a cage ever again, because of that itch and that feeling that you want to know more. You become happy and knowingly accept that failure is just part of the process. Failure has an entirely different meaning to a person who is happy with what he’s doing and to someone who’s not. You never feel that added pressure on your shoulders but you relish the challenge to further improve and try to make a difference.

Pursue what you love- life is too short to not do what you want. Then start from scratch, create original ideas, and never be afraid to fail. You become the innovator more than a follower in your life and that’s what truly matters.

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Irwin Kendrick Uy is a Tech Geek, a DLSU student that majors in Economics, a basketball diehard and above all, a Christian who wants to inspire people through God’s word.

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  1. Jin Paderanga says:

    Thanks Kendrick for contributing this. It motivated me to follow my heart’s desires. 🙂