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We all want something more in our lives – to do more, to be more, to have more. May it be more fame, more opportunities, more success or just anything more for ourselves.  Thus, we compete daily with ourselves, if not with others, and strive hard to slowly fill in the gaps towards perfection, and to gain the general impression of being the best among the best. Yet, there’s a tendency to hit the wall. Silver tint of doubts cloud our judgment, disarming us either to push through or not.

With my latest climb in Mt. Agad-Agad, the mountain has refreshed me on defining self-limits. I have re-learned to define push forward and differentiate rest from quit.

Prior to that climb, my work life has been messed up by negative forces pulling me down as if gravity has worked its way. There has only been one word hanging on my forehead, it spelled as Q U I T. The mountain, however, helped me realize that I won’t be able to get where I want to be or achieve what I want to have if I stop right on spot. And so, slowly, I took one step at a time, with a few minute rests in between, until I conquered the peak.

It’s the same thing we can apply in our daily lives– to take things one step at a time. Whenever I feel tired, I remind myself to just rest, but not to quit. As what my father has heartily advised me, “rest so you would regain strength.” That, I did, and will always do.

As far as reality is concerned, we all face challenges in search for our desire to achieve more. With those challenges, it’s the four-letter word that comes along self-doubt which can easily influence your thoughts and actions. When that time comes, don’t give in and stick to the fight. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

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Johanns Cordita has since admired the horizon from afar, the greens surrounding her and the melody of birds chirping. Turns out, her quest to fulfill her childhood dream became a journey of treasured experience… a journey of life-changing experience as travel introduced her to the art of learning and understanding people,  culture,  tradition and nature.

With the treasured experiences she holds dear in her heart, she wants to share wisdom and inspiration with like-minded people around the globe, through her website, and to enjoy the vast opportunities that travel can offer.

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