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Don’t Stop Believing

Once upon a time, I dreamt of going to United States of America and then one day, God swished his wand to make it happen.

It was April 15, 2013, the best and worst day of my life. Early in the morning, I had a scheduled interview at the U.S Embassy. My parents wanted me to visit them and so I took the risk of applying for a tourist visa.

My heart was thumping as I lined up outside the embassy. As I entered the white building, I felt like I was going to be in a trial. When my number was flashed on the screen, a family of four and a woman who was nearly my age were waiting for their interview at the counter.

My knees went weak when the lady in front of me was denied to have a visa. Was I going to have the same fate as hers? When the interviewee got my paper, I prayed that hopefully she would give me the permission to enter the country.

Five questions were asked and a blue paper was given to me afterwards. Unfortunately, US trip was not meant for me that morning. I wanted to cry while I was inside the taxi going back to my sister’s place but I held back my tears and just made a silent statement to the universe, “I am not giving up with my US dream! I know someday I’m going to see you!”

When you shout out your wish to the universe, chances are it will happen.

Later that night, the ticket that I’ve been waiting for landed right in front of my eyes.

A week before my US visa interview, I was invited at an event in Mandaluyong which was sponsored by a worldwide known beverage. When I got rejected from the embassy, I was thinking of not attending the launch but I already committed to it.

My cousin and I went to the sports event. At the back of our minds, we thought that we would just sit back and relax. We didn’t expect that we were going to be actual participants! Every guest was given score cards where tasks were written that needed to be accomplished.

We finished all the tasks and we planned to leave early because we had work the next day but my cousin insisted that we wait until the end of the program for the free shirt. We stayed and we during the program, we were informed that before the night ended, they would give two guests an opportunity to watch the NBA All Star next year!

Guess who won? I did. My lucky number 188 was handpicked among the 300 guests they had that night. It was like killing two birds with one stone because I will have a chance to go to the U.S.A and watch the NBA All Star for free and visit my family!

2014 has been a great year for me because I was able to set foot in New Orleans and San Francisco and after 10 years, I finally saw my father. I was grateful that I didn’t give up and that I held on to my dreams. It was perhaps luck but for me it is more of faith in God. He might close the door for me for the first time yet he opened a window and gave me the most stupendous opportunity in life.

There are times we may think that God is not listening but the truth is, without even saying, he knows what is inside our heart. He wouldn’t endow what we want in an instant– instead he would bestow what is right for us. All we need to do is stop questioning, just wait, and never stop believing.



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