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Safe to say, we’ve all had our fair share of inspirational quotes, self-help books and even motivational talks in our lives. It’s very easy to get caught up in these texts feeling so inspired one day, yet falling off the wagon the next. Lucky for you, I’m not a trained motivational speaker nor am I a professional author. I could just be like any one of you, although some would say I’d have ticked more of the not-your-ordinary kind of boxes off my bucket list than others have. I’m not here to sell you anything through my words except for one simple idea: You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Twenty-eight. Female. Banker. Entrepreneur. On paper, is that what success looks like? Yes? No? We all have different definitions of success. 5 years ago, my profile would have read 23. Female. Banker. It still looks pretty much the same except I knew I wanted to do more, and then realized I could do more. You see, there is a big difference between wanting something and realizing you can do it. Step 1 in achieving your goals begins not with your paycheck, but with your attitude. A couple of years ago, I started dreaming of being a part of a team that could change a person’s life through health and wellness. This was a byproduct of my dedication to regularly attend yoga classes that I also wanted other people to experience the change that I saw within myself. I fell in love with yoga because the change I saw in my body also transcended into different parts of my life. I was mentally stronger and felt more in control of my life. It was just a dream back then. Whether to own a healthy juice brand or a yoga studio, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of my life. So when I said Step 1 in achieving your goals is attitude, it is because you need to believe, within yourself, that you are capable of achieving your dreams, regardless of how big your fears are. Sounds cliché, right? Start with writing your goals down. Then one by one write down how you can achieve these. Make the hows as specific and as realistic as possible. That way, you can start to see how achievable they can be. More than a year ago, this dream of mine came true through LiFE. It’s almost exactly how I pictured it in my mind. Inside a mall, my partners and I would have a store where we would sell healthy food/drink options while on the other side of the room, people would be coming in to take yoga classes.  It was a project of a collective group of dreamers, if I could accurately describe it.

Turning the plan into reality was not an easy task, but I was lucky that my partners were maybe even more of go-getters than I was, that we were able to set the plan swiftly into motion. Which is why Step 2 in achieving your goals is to surround yourself with the best people. And, as much as possible, find people who are even better than you. I’ve always believed that we are the average of the people we surround ourselves with. There is nothing wrong with seeking counsel or asking for help. This will only make you better. On the other hand, this is also the very same reason why you need to rid yourselves of any weight that’s pulling you down. Be the best version of yourself by habitually making the right life choices, including the people in your life.

Achieving your dreams doesn’t also equate to keeping it forever. This is why Step 3, and probably the most important one, is to “Work Hard and Be Thankful”. Dreams always seem so glorifying and glamorous but what we must not forget is that dreams won’t work unless we do. You will have to get out of your comfort zone, more often than not you will be tired and sometimes you might even cry out of frustration. And that’s okay. Once you’ve achieved your dreams, it’ll all be worth it and you will smile at the time you were just praying for everything you have now. Say thank you and be in a constant state of grace. There is no better disposition to be in to receive more blessings than to be grateful. It is through this that you’ll continue to be inspired to work harder, and maybe even pass it forward. Because what good are our dreams if we can’t even share them with others?

There is no better time to start than today. You know this. So as soon as you finish reading this, I hope you get off your chair and start chasing your dreams.

About the Contributor

Kristia is a 28-year old banker and entrepreneur who hates having the spotlight on herself. Except maybe for the few times, they truly matter.

If in any way you are curious to know more or wish to partake in a holistic journey of health and wellness, please do drop by LiFE Yoga Center at 2F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC and trying downing one of our own green juices or visit our website at lifeyogacenter.com and book a class or two.

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