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Every Year Could Be Your Best Year Yet

Often, people think that the best years are only those ones packed with moments of positivity and where smiles are always present. It’s kind of funny as well that sometimes, we think that the best years are those where reality follows the roadmaps and timelines that we had set for our lives. There are also times when we think that nothing seems to go our way; when the things we feel we “deserve” don’t come.

However, I believe that every year can be the best year and yes, this includes even that year where your plans crumbled because things did not materialize. Including that year where you failed to achieve your goal even if you gave every inch of diligence, courage, and faithfulness that you can muster. The year you never got that promotion, the year you were not able to save a single peso.

Maybe you are thinking, “No, you don’t understand me, you might not be able to empathize with me because you haven’t gone through what I had gone through”. Maybe you are right, but hear me out.

This year, which is already about to end, is something I consider to be one of the best yet. Not because it went the way I planned (whew, ask my friends, I am far away from achieving the plans I had), but because I developed a different perspective. I have seen how things worked out for my good. This year, I received a good dose of rejection — I failed at some things I aimed for this year, which caused me to shed a good dose of tears and emanate sadness, but it’s all good. They taught me lessons I could never learn without failing.

This year, I tried to aim high and worked my ass off for those goals yet I still failed (greatly). I could have chosen to continue sulking and just believe that this is the worst year yet, but I chose not to. Because I know that there are far more greater things in store for me. I should be depressed, but I chose not to because I know that this isn’t the end yet.

I am still living, breathing, and there are things that I didn’t plan on happening this year that came my way (in my case, I have my new job). There are plans this year that never came through and maybe will never materialize for the time being (at least the way I see it now), but I believe that the best years in life are those spiced up with events that contribute to your growth. With storms that make you realize you are resilient. With joyful moments that teach you to smile and be happy. With challenges that allow you to up your game a notch higher. With setbacks that make you realize that there is freedom in boundaries and discipline.

The best years in life are the years where you get to learn that you can still be better. Years that make you realize you haven’t had it all yet, but you begin to understand that you are a work in progress. With years that teach you that you may not be perfect, but you can choose every day to get close to that. Years where you are about to raise a white flag because you feel the world sucks, but choose not to because you realize that there is something in you that is bigger than that.

After today, you are a better you tomorrow. After today, you are an inch closer to what is in store for you. After today, there are things greater than what you imagine.

Press on and continue living out your best years yet.

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Alxis John Movida is a microbiologist who recently discovered his interest in lettering, calligraphy, and things related to letters and words. He loves to read books and listen to real life stories and interesting ideas told from different media. Even though he uses various colors to write his letters and words, he is mostly seen wearing black or white shirts. He loves to be an encouragement for others and lives each day knowing that it’s a day closer to the realization of God’s awesome plan in his life.

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Artwork by Abbey Sy, letterer and moment collector. Passionate about all things art and travel, Abbey chronicles her daily adventures over at her blog and Instagram. A lover of good books, good food and good design, she loves to find beauty in every day life. For more of her artworks, visit her Instagram.

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