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False Expectations Appearing to be Real

Over the past 4 years of being a college student, I witnessed people during their best and worst days. I was the Head Trainer for my co-students who wanted to compete in our school’s yearly pageant. I led them to undergo several processes of trainings before letting them join the contest- helping with the wardrobes, the talent practices, the walk simulations– everything. The preparation was hard and the sacrifices made were huge given all the time, money, effort and even emotions they poured into it. All of these just for the sake of hoping to win.

But sometimes, even if one person has prepared enough, there is still that fear that keeps him from moving forward– the fear of failure. That fear is also the same thing that most of us carry around. Whether it’s a new business venture, a shift in one’s career path or a new relationship we are about to enter in, we tend to feel afraid about what we don’t know. And knowing that we don’t know anything about it makes us think that we’re bound to fail. So most of the time, we resort to staying in our comfort zones. Because there, we feel more safe and secure.

I have met many aspiring models who tried to leave their comfort zones and tried new things out, but I’ve also met some who won’t even give it a try. In some ways, I understand them. I know what it feels like to step into the unknown—it’s like asking someone to enter a dark cave, only assuring them that there will be light at the end of it all.

The dangerous thing about being too comfortable with what you are used to is that it could limit your potential to becoming more. The extra effort or the extra mile which people don’t end up taking, could after all, make a big difference.

Whenever one of our candidates loses, instead of blaming, we continuously learn and take note of what we can do better the next time. It is just like taking a test. Once the paper’s checked, the first thing you do is to look for what you missed and didn’t get right. Whether it’s because of your calculation mistakes, your first hunch which you did not follow, or an answer you knew but misspelled, the point is, you should always analyze your mistakes. You learn from them so that they may be corrected and the lessons applied the next time. After all, life is full of second chances and failures comprise a big part of who we are. The more we fail, the more we grow.

Fears may be big, big enough to limit someone and stop him from pursuing his dreams. But once these are overcomed, all these fears bring out a person determined to face everything with courage. The kind where faith (in one’s self and in what lies ahead) is bigger than any kind of fear.


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