Feeling Lost Doesn’t Mean You Are

By the time I’ve completed writing this, I would have composed and deleted this whole article multiple times already. The reason being, although I would want to write about grand realizations that I have learned in my 20-something years of living, I have some difficulty doing so. I’ve gone through school, been in relationships, worked with friends on several businesses, got myself a regular job, and met several people along the way, and yet, I still can’t seem to really find out who I am.

At one point in my life, wanted to become a doctor, at another point an architect, and another, an artist. If you were to ask my 10 yearold self what he would be when he grew up, he most likely would never answer that I’d be working for a marketing agency. If you asked myself 5 years ago if I think I would still be with the same girlfriend up to this day, I most likely wouldn’t think otherwise. Any way you look at it, things change with all the changes building you up into becoming your future self. But what if you’re still unsure of yourself? What if. after all the things you’ve gone through and after all the things you’ve learned, you still find yourself a bit lost?

With people around you succeeding in their own respective fields and reaching key milestones in their lives, you end up questioning yourself and asking – is it really okay to be lost? Is it alright to be unsure of who you are or who you will be in the future? I’ve had some time to think things through, and for me, the simple answer is yes. It’s alright to feel lost. It’s alright to be unsure of who you are at the moment. It’s alright to not know where you may be years for now.

Being someone who has been lost at several points in my life, I have to say that it’s nothing to fear. It’s in being lost that I was able to really push outward to find out more about myself. It’s in those very moments when you don’t know who you are that you are able to think back and reflect. You will learn to overcome your fears and be better than you were before. Sometimes, all it takes is you looking back and realizing where you went wrong. Either way, you learn something new.

Would I prefer having the answers to most of the things I’ve questioned in the past? Probably. Do I regret how much time I’ve spent trying to figure myself out? Maybe. But then again, I wouldn’t have learned what I know now if my journey wasn’t what it was. My advice for people who dread the experience of being lost: don’t fear. Let yourself get lost, meet people, go on adventures. You are in the process of growing into something great. Never forget that as you try to figure it all out.

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