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Finding Balance

As someone who works in a corporate industry, days can be quite tiring, consuming, and fast-paced. Keeping a 9-6 job is not that easy– I consider those who have non-corporate jobs lucky because I know they have a different lifestyle compared to mine.  So how does a corporate woman like myself try to find balance in spite of a very tight and mundane schedule?

To have friends who have mutual interests like mine is such a gift! My friends and I love trying out new hangout places; finding the best sushi place in Makati, going on random road trips or hanging out at the beach, among other things.

Apart from my social circle, of course, I am truly blessed to have a big and happy family who supports me in whatever path I take. We may not be perfect; we sometimes have petty quarrels over unwashed dishes or missing remote controls, but they ALWAYS keep me sane especially whenever I come home from work.


Finally, I always make time for myself. As cliche as it may sound, you can never truly take care of other people if you don’t know how to take care of yourself. As far as “Me Time” goes, I like to keep it quiet, simple, and fulfilling. Aside from yoga, I love to run, read books, drink coffee (while reading a book), watch funny movies or TV episodes, or simply meditate.


As long as I keep these people and habits in my life, I can maintain this work-life balance through deadlines and projects, through corporate or non-corporate jobs. I’d like to think that having a beautiful balance in life is a gift that nothing can replace, and yes I am talking about material things. People and experiences can never be replaced by sleek gadgets or shiny new cars—these things may be important to a lot of us but you can never talk to them after a tough day at work. All I’m saying is that you can find balance through yourself and with the help of other people.


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