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To give is something. But to live generously is another.

Generosity is the ability of a person to give- to give not just out of necessity; rather, to give  with love and care towards another individual, may it be through time, talent, or treasure.

Generosity runs deep from simply wanting to help a person to wanting to change a person’s life. Everything, when given out of the goodness of one’s heart, has the capacity to impact others. But it is important to reflect on the reason behind our giving because sometimes, we tend to get carried away by the concept of giving instead of delving in its deeper meaning and context.

We must remember that intention is pure when generosity is present. And most of the time, it is served with the purpose of making the life of another human being richer as it is before- all given without expecting anything but to contribute richness to the individual’s soul.

The ultimate goal of generosity is to inspire people to do the same for other people- until the world becomes a place where helping is not seen as an obligation but a natural instinct, we should never tire of promoting generosity.

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