Giving is Not All About the Money

Does giving always mean that you have to spend? Do That you have to throw in cash to give?

The act of giving doesn’t always mean that you have to shell out money. By simply giving others a small part of yourself- like your time and attention- you could already be giving something special to someone.

As a person, I try to be that someone the people that matter to me can always count on, never thinking twice about giving a portion of my time it. I shift from being so busy to actually not doing anything but when someone in need asks for my help, I extend as much help as I can in an instant. Why? Because you never know how badly someone needs it.

You should be generous in giving your time and attention to others because at times, it could be everything to another person, and you’ll realize that being a part of their happiness is a gift you give that eventually comes back to you.

Remember that you don’t have to spend to be able to share, and happiness will always be the reward for those who give freely.

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Nicole Tan is a dreamer who is moved by the stories of the world. Thrives in writing, reading and drawing as a purpose of living life. Someday, I’d also be a writer of the stories of the world.

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