Gold in a Trash Can

The month of June smells of watered leaves and foggy mornings; the rainy season has officially begun. Yet, more than the rainy season or the cold weather that make our beds the most comfortable place on earth, June reminds of a precious memory- that of my high school years.

It’s been 6 years since I graduated. And if you ask me what I would change if given the chance, it’s that I didn’t get to build stronger relationships with my friends in highschool. Now, they are just a part of that fond memory. Back in highschool, I belonged to the first section of our year. The pressure to succeed was higher and I was marked by competitiveness. I’ve now come to realize that, more than the medals displayed on my bookshelf, it’s the relationships with the people whom I cherish that is really important. I rarely make regrets since I believe that God is always directing my path, yet I have life lessons to learn.

For years, I spent my time being too focused on my studies, career, and business while I disregarded the people in my life. Garbage is not the only thing that people throw away; people also throw away the relationships they keep. How many times have we seen good friends fall apart because of misunderstandings? Or rivalries emerge between family members? So far, my biggest lesson in life is to take care of the relationships we have with the people in our lives. And before we even go cutting ties with others, think if the relationship is still worth saving. Make sure you’re not throwing out gold in a trash can.

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