Grace Giving

Growing up, I’ve been able to witness numerous acts of kindness and generosity – from my parents as they showed their love for me and my siblings, to my teachers who gave their all – to make sure that we didn’t only learn, but that we also understood certain life lessons and values. Even in local communities, where there are people who wholeheartedly sacrifice their time to help those in need without expecting anything in return… all these people have shown me one thing altogether: it’s not about what you have but rather, what you do with what you have.

The Giving Journal theme for this month tells us the same thing. To me, there is always something rewarding about sharing our blessings and being a blessing ourselves, to others. It somehow gives you a sense of responsibility and comfort knowing you are able to help another person in need. As a student, I don’t have much to give to others financially, and that’s okay. All throughout my 19 years of existence, I’ve also been taught that, “It’s the thought that counts.” As of the moment, I am doing my best to give back to my parents by studying hard so that I can give them a comfortable life once I am able to earn money after my studies.  I am given the chance to study; therefore, I have to do everything I can and give everything I have to achieve this goal. Surely, there are more ways and they also vary for different people from different walks of life.

We are blessed with a lot of opportunities to give to others, and sometimes we don’t see them right away. But if we see and feel the need to help, let’s not hold back. Don’t say, “I don’t have much,” or “I’m not enough for this opportunity.” No matter how big or how small, what matters is our willingness to share our time, effort, and resources. The rest will follow suit.

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