Growth in Broken Spaces

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant with your daily routines, or unappreciated? Have you ever felt this before? Does it come to your mind that you’re unworthy or what you’re doing is never enough?

Then maybe you’re in the same place as I am;  in the fragment of this world, of your life, a crack in the universe where you need to find your way out.

The uncertainty creates fear and doubt, makes you think twice about yourself, it makes you question your capabilities. Capability to communicate properly, to give your best, to get be satisfied with the results you create, to love and trust – not just other people, but also yourself.

Let me welcome you to the Season of Brokenness.

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Clawing(Growing) my way out

“Because in the season of brokenness there is growth. Just like when the new day is breaking, it starts with a little sunlight until its light covers the entire surrounding keeping everything warm and light.

Look at that plant living between the cracks of concrete in a crowded city, near the streets where no one notices it. Look at that tree that seems just like an exoskeleton and barely living. Is this how you are right now?

In the season of brokenness you’ll question a lot of things. The ‘why’s’ and ‘what-if’s’ can drive you crazy. Your confidence will be lowered by doubt and the results of your work will be affected. Along with this are other factors such as Peer Pressure, Expectations, Wrong Choices/Mistakes, Success over Failures, and Rejection.

Success is not just a destination you need to get to, most of the time success is the road you need to go through over and over again.

The road to where you need to be can be very tough to pass, and you may encounter a lot of bumps along the way. There are some things that will go out of your control, things unavoidable, but all part of growth. But remember this: walk towards the light. Continue walking, keep moving forward, and trust Him.

Is it necessary to go through this phase? Why do I need to experience the season of breaking? Am I the only one going through this?

You are not alone, almost everyone goes through this season. Maybe not at the same time, but one way or another others have experienced it and will go through it again, somehow. It is necessary for you to go through this because it is in this season that you will be tested and with every test, you will learn. You will discover things will make you look back and say “Hey, I’ve been in this situation and I know I’ll get through and grow through it again.”

This season will also introduce you to people who are in the same phase. I remember this post that I read about how Native Americans planted three sisters – Corn, Squash, and Beans. Once the Corn grows, it creates a structure for the vine where the Beans can crawl up, while at the same time continuously growing as well. While the Squash, on the other hand, grows on the ground and protects the soil from growing weeds that are not good for the Corn, Beans, and the Squash.

Just like broken people, God places people in your life that will help you grow through this phase. There are even some instances when He puts broken people together because they know how each other feels, thus creating an impact of growth on both ends. Then there are those who are  removed or prevented from entering our lives because they no longer contribute to our growth.

There are people that will serve as our Corn whom we can rely on to give us strength and courage while we are growing. We will have our Squash who can protect us so that, once we’ve grown, we could also someone else’s Corn and/or Squash. The cycle continues, until you become the bean again and vice versa.

This is how life works so that we can eventually help someone else grow through their own season of brokenness.

How will I deal with the Season of Breaking?

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.44.31 pm

The beauty of falling

  1. Accept the fact that you are in the Season of Brokenness.

Understand that the season of brokenness is the season of trials, acceptance, letting go, changes, and chances. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes; they will bring lessons part of your growth.

“You see there’s nothing wrong with holding on to precious things in the past but becoming overly attached can keep you stuck in the past as well.”– Woodsman (Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest)

  1. Learn that even the people closest to you will want to see you in your

“Life will have many setbacks. People close to you will hurt you. But you don’t break it off. You don’t hurt them more. You try to heal it. It is a lesson not only you, but our country needs to learn.”

A proof of being a strong and successful person is by being good to your enemies.

Always choose to be the better person.

Let the people who bring you down be your motivation to strive harder and to pursue excellence. You will feel even more fulfilled once the season is over.

  1. Pause. Breathe. Continue.

The burden and pressure of the season can burn you out and make you feel more. exhausted than usual.

Pause to ponder.

Find an outlet of release to help you refresh your mind and to gain a different perspective. Talk to someone you trust and are comfortable saying your struggles to, because most of the time you just need to let it out of your system to feel good.

  1. Stop guilt tripping

When we feel anxiety for the things that go wrong, adding fuel to the fire will not help. Instead of focusing on your guilt, focus on your resolutions to the problem itself. Positivity will always carry you through and will make you more productive, which will eventually translate to better results.

  1. Grow through it and help other people grow through it, too.

“1st rule: Be modest. It doesn’t matter how many badges a challenger has.

2nd rule: Be kind- even while you’re being tough. And don’t forget constructive criticism after the battle.

3rd rule: Be thoughtful. Try to help the challenger build their skills.”

– Clemont (Pokemon XY: Kalos Quest)

Never compare your struggles or successes with someone else’s. Focus on improving yourself and eventually it will translate into having the ability to help others. While you help others grow & build their skills, do this in a way that makes you learn while they are learning. Be open to feedback and listen to what they are saying.

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2 Thoughts

  1. Jaemee Cedo says:

    Good job Maki…very inspiring…I can imagine how we are when we left TP…so proud of you.

  2. ieatrisk says:

    You are always a story-teller. Great discourse from point A to point B. I’ve been there many times.. which you probably know more than I do. I’ve seen you there too. But I still love you and adore you because you’re an amazing person. Keep writing. Inspire more people. Help them get through brokenness by giving them wisdom.

    P.S. I’m not sure if something’s missing on bullet #2 you need to revisit. Nevertheless, it was a good read.
    PPS. I also started a website few days ago. But because of this I feel shy to share it with you LOL. I love you, Mark. Always. :*