Helping Others Live Passionately & Gratefully

Passing the passion on.

When you are inspired, you unwittingly inspire those around you. It all begins with your own passion.  

As an artist and as a creative entrepreneur, everything I do is executed with utmost passion and hard work. I have spent every single day doing the things I love most, and this has brought me closer to my dreams. Along the way, the people I get to work with and those who see me put so much work in pursuit of something I strongly believe in, draw inspiration from the things I do and the process of being able to get through it.

You may say I’m one of the “lucky” few who got the chance, and is living the dream, but I tell you, everything is a matter of choice. “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” But know that hard work comes hand in hand with courage, and the least I can do is to show other people that it can be done, as long as you have the heart to make it happen.

For some, it takes one day to discover their passion and for others, an entire lifetime to have it all figured out. We all live at our own pace, but once you’ve decided to pursue your own passion, it is best to share it and pass the spirit on. Let our passion lead us to our life’s purpose.

Being happy.

A little rub of positivity goes a long way.

With everything that is happening around us, sharing good energy with others may be more than enough. I have learned to welcome any situation with optimism and to put everything in a better light, and this has indirectly influenced the perspective of those I engage with.

One of my constant prayers is to be happy in such a way that I bring happiness to those around me. Bliss, when shared, is incomparable to any material pleasure. There is nothing positivity and happiness can’t heal, and everyone needs a dash of it every once in awhile.

Living gratefully.

I measure success by the amount of people I take along with me, and through the lives I have made better. Their dreams have become mine, too, and having earned this opportunity, I am completely responsible with the privileges I am being blessed with.

When you start becoming grateful, you appreciate life better, and see the people and the situations in it as reasons to always be thankful. To let a person feel how grateful you are to have someone like him/her around can turn out to be a meaningful encounter. Remember to always say your thank yous as generously as you can, and to as many people as possible.

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Kit De Silva is a media and color designer, and creative entrepreneur. Follow her on Twitter.

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