Here’s To The Jugglers of Multiple Careers

They say one job is toxic enough. I have five.

I’m a full-time preschool teacher.

I’m a part-time high school tutor.

I’m a performing artist.

I manage my performing artist career.

I manage my online store.

Five times the schedules. Five times the difficult people. Five times the stress? Sometimes, but not everyday. I’m very grateful that all my jobs center around my passions.

This volume of workload is necessary for my goals at the moment. I’m supporting all my training sessions, costumes and networking as a performer, and I need as much income I can get, hence the 2 teaching jobs and my store.

For those who aren’t immersed in the performing arts industry, the ratio of talent fees to the investment needed for a top-quality performance is insanely out of proportion. And unlike a regular job where you get paid everyday, I only get paid on the day of a performance, and am still expected to train myself in choreography and fitness daily. Many artists have a patron or a manager to support their finances, but for now at least, I’m doing all of this on my own.

My typical workday is 16 hours- 8 hours of preschool, 3 hours of tutoring, 3 hours of dance training, and 2 hours of managing my websites and pages. I know this sounds like too much, but when you love teaching and dancing as much as I do, you don’t get exhausted doing this.

I allot 2 hours minimum for the maintenance of my social media accounts, replying to correspondences, creating schedules for posts that I curate 24/7, and processing online orders. Sometimes, it takes several days to close a deal with a supplier or client, or travel is required to audition for producers, attend events and negotiate with partners. On days like that, I need to borrow a few hours from my sleep.

The only times when it feels like too much are when the politics in my day jobs start rearing their ugly heads. School bullying isn’t just confined to the students- it’s a habit of teachers as well. I’ve received my fair share of backstabbing and slander by teachers who don’t have much of a life beyond their jobs- and can’t quite understand someone with multiple careers, skill sets, and passions like me. They often spread stories about how I can’t be a real teacher because I’m in the performing arts industry, and stalking me on the internet so they can have something to whisper about during lunch break.

It’s the politics that sometimes make me wonder why I’m doing this, and why I can’t just be self-employed, or a freelancer. But it’s the kids that always leave a smile on my face when I leave the classroom. I’ve always had a gift with kids, and that’s why Education is my trade. Here, I get to do what I do and love best: communicating, relating with people, and giving people the care and encouragement they need to grow and learn.

It’s not too common for someone’s job to be the thing they love the most, and it’s not common for someone to be able to choose more than one career at the same time. But here I am, juggling teaching, performing, becoming an entrepreneur all at the same time, and still sane enough to be writing this post. I consider myself incredibly lucky.


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One Thought

  1. Wow an inspiration. Preschool teacher here too! So proud of you. Inspire and bless more people! God bless.