His Greater Vision

How do you see yourself five years from now? Or ten years from now?

This is the common question that we encounter during job interviews, career mapping, in family gatherings or while having a simple chit chat with friends.

Before entering college, I wanted to take up Tourism and be a flight attendant. When I took the entrance exams, I always indicated Tourism as my first choice. I prayed and sought for the approval of God if I was meant for the course because I knew that he knew what was best for us. God answered my prayers by redirecting me to a different course in the University. At first, I really couldn’t understand why I was being redirected to another career path – from being a flight attendant to an HR Practitioner. But I trusted His plans for me, for I knew His plans were greater than my plans.

I have been an HR Practitioner for more than four years now and I can say that I find myself loving this career. The difference of this career path from being a flight attendant is that I am not
in a plane serving people but I am in a room, in an office still serving people.

Five years from now, I see myself as a holistic HR Practitioner. I say Holistic HR Practitioner because I see myself studying again and taking up my Masters Degree in Human Resources and applying it to my job. That is, if God will also allow me to be part of the academe and serve the students by imparting to them my learnings, experiences and expertise in the field. When I came up with this career plan, I valued very much the question that is always being asked of me: How do you see yourself five years from now? Or ten years from now?

That question helped me in creating a vision for my life. Until now, I keep on visualizing where I see myself and all the things that I want to achieve. The plans that I’ve shared previously was for my career only. I also envision my life as a daughter who provides for her parents, a mother who loves unconditionally for her family, and a faithful daughter of God the Father. Whenever I plan for myself, I always consider how it impacts the people whom I love the most.

In making a vision for your journey called life, always think of what you really want to do in a way that you’ll never notice the time that had passed because you’re doing what you love. No dream is small nor too big if you keep in your mind that you can achieve it. A person who achieves his/her dream is a person who has passion, faith and courage.


*Artwork created when I was starting to study how to do calligraphy

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