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How Do You Live for Others?

To live for others, you must do it on purpose. It may not be easy to put others first before yourself, but a simple act of kindness is already the first step on to living a life for others.

I am currently studying Human Resources Development Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in the San Pedro Campus. I’m just an ordinary student who wants to lead people, to write stories and essays, and to testify the role that God continues to play in my life. I used to think that living for othersmeant I had to be the President of the Philippines, a well-known author, or a Pastor to be ‘of service’. I thought that I needed to be a popular person in order to influence and inspire others, to promote and advocate my beliefs. I was too naïve having these misconceptions. I realized later on that I was called to be a servant of this world, by using all the skills I was blessed with and the passions in my heart for the greater good.

I now lead people not to control them but to train them into becoming leader I write stories and essays not because I want to show my readers that I am good at it but because I want to influence them to write their own stories and share them with everyone. I testify and proclaim the things I am blessed with, not to be boastful but because this is my calling to share the love that I’ve experienced and received, the love that should be freely given to everyone especially to the lost, broken and abandoned.

This is how I live my life for others. I won’t get tired of inspiring, influencing and speaking to every person that I meet about my calling. I want to be a blessing to them so that they can experience what it would be like to be a blessing to others. I want to inspire them to be an be inspiration to the people around them.

Now I want to pass the question that keeps on running in my mind, “How do you live for others?”
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