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How I Made My Dream Come True

Before publishing my first book Open, my best friend asked me, “What number is publishing a book at in your list of dreams?”

I told him, “It’s the very thing I’ve been dreaming of! It’s at the top of my list!” To which he responded, “It should be number 3. To sell all copies of it and publish another one must be higher than it.”

He’s right. Now that I’ve finally self-published my book, why would I not continue?

Back in 2012, I worked with someone who has three published books. He inspired me to someday have my own book(s) as well. I posted that “goal” on Facebook; and now, I’ve finally reached that goal.

I’m no expert, but here’s how I made that happen.


First things first, I quit my sucky job. It was a kind of job that killed brain cells and promoted procrastination and laziness. It paid bills and helped me save a few thousand pesos, but the stress wasn’t worth it. So I quit it.

To make your dreams come true, sometimes you have to quit something. That something is quite obvious; sometimes, we just don’t want to admit it. It brings you down, it leaves you defeated, it sickens you, it makes you seem like a less nicer person than you actually are.

Quit whatever that is, if you need to. Leave that area of your life so you could…


If you quit something, of course, you must start something new.

What beginnings did I take?

I started traveling the world; seeing unfamiliar places and being happy doing it. I started counseling; knowing unfamiliar faces and being fulfilled by helping them. I started thanking God again; knowing that the newfound enthusiasm I had was all because He was always guiding me. Lastly, I started writing; I created a new blog (on Tumblr), I became an Elite Daily contributor, and I began the nine-month long journey of writing Open.

Be Inspired

These beginnings inspired me. They made me who I am today. They taught me lessons I would never have learned if I didn’t get out of my way to make my time here on earth amount to something, if I didn’t leave my comfort zone, if I didn’t take the plunge.

I was inspired by tricycle drivers, by writers, by teachers, by speakers, by musicians, by artworks, by baristas, by mountains, by fireflies, by stars, and everything else in between.

I became determined to submerge myself in this life. Whatever is currently happening, I take all in. I was open for more – I knew there was so much more. I felt limitless.


That’s when I, surprisingly, started to become an inspiration to others as well. Through my writing, I helped wounds heal. Through my counseling, I made tears of joy fall and weary hearts find comfort. Through my small acts of kindness, I gave birth to smiles and laughter. Through my passion and calling, I became an example.

One Yes

When I started my blog, one of the first comments I received was from a friend. She said, “It only takes ONE yes to make it happen.”

What I realized was that yes will only come from one place: within yourself. If you want to make your dream come true, then you have to say yes to it with a convicted heart and a driven spirit. Because when you say yes to yourself, that’s the only way the world can say yes to you, with you.

Dare to dream, and dream big. Dare to chase, and chase relentlessly. Dare to do, and do great. Dare to step up, and rule your world with might.

I ask of you one thing.

Can you leave a comment below and tell the world what is that dream of yours that you’re finally saying yes to today?

Declare it, and we’ll support you wholeheartedly. Go! 🙂


 Book Launch
During the launch of my book “Open”


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