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How to Be Promoted in a World Where Everyone Wants to be Promoted

Maybe you are bombarded by thoughts of when you will be promoted or how you can be promoted. You got an excellent performance appraisal, you were able to complete a task that saved the company big time, or you became the employee of the month- these and other accomplishments may make you wonder if you are even close to a promotion. I hope that this article will help you analyze your current working status and guide you on how you can be promoted in a world where everyone wants to be promoted.

Assess before you process

If you are to ask for a promotion but you know deep down that you didn’t give your best, then you are just fooling yourself.  So before you daydream about how your life will be once you become promoted, define first if you are really worthy.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many years have I been in the company? Have I stayed with the company long enough to prove my loyalty?
  2. Do I love what I do? Am I really passionate about my job and not just seeking a promotion for money?
  3. How is my working routine?
    1. Do I go to work on time?
    2. Am I productive rather than a workaholic?
    3. Do I accomplish tasks given to me, effectively and on time? Am I reliable with what is entrusted with me?
  4. How is my working relationship?
    1. With my boss?
    2. With my peers?
    3. With my subordinates?
    4. With myself?

Plan for the promotion

If you have concrete answers to the above questions and think your answers are enough to merit you a promotion, then you are now ready to raise the promotion issue. This is where your Promotion Planning 101 will come in.

  • Take the Initiative. If your boss is too busy to sit down with you and discuss how you are performing, be the one to approach him.
  • Show numbers. It will be very beneficial to show numbers to justify results. Show how many clients you have brought to the company or the sales you’ve generated from your efforts. It will always be easy to justify your promotion when there are numbers involved, and when the numbers are good for the company.
  • Be extra cautious on your attitude. Do not be too aggressive. Earn the respect of your co-workmates and treat everyone with respect. Keep good working relationships. Remember that no matter how good your performance is, it all boils down to your relationship with your colleagues. No one is an island; you will never enjoy your promotion when everyone is angry at you.

Principles for promotion

Be PRODUCTIVE and not a WORKAHOLIC. There’s a big difference between a productive employee and a workaholic employee. If you want that promotion, make sure you use your working hours to produce maximum results.

Be an ACHIEVER not an ABUSER. Work hard and do not use other people to get what you want. Think of what you can bring to the company and what skills you can offer, rather than using others’ to do the things you should be doing yourself.

Be PRESENT not ABSENT. Going to work is just like going to school; attendance is important. If the boss always sees you hard at work, then he/she will surely remember you. Do not apply for a leave unless needed and wanted. Be smart when you take leaves at work. Even if you are just 1 out of many, take in mind that YOUR ROLE is important. Value the job that you have and don’t be that someone who loses his/her job because of attendance.

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