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How Writing Can Change You

Everyday is a new chance to go after our dreams in life. However, this requires taking steps to be accomplished. Most of the time, it’s easier for us to ignore the process and just go with the flow. This kept me thinking about how I can keep my goals and dreams in the forefront of my mind, even when life’s realities are pushing them out. That is how writing entered my life. Writing has taught me a few things about life and let me tell you what they are.

  1. Writing helps me to be calm

During those moments where I found myself stuck between a multitude of things- my studies, work, and the people around me- writing became my ultimate stress reliever. Writing has become an outlet where I can express what I truly feel, as if I were talking to a real person. Every day, I get excited whenever I would open my journal and realize that I had something to write. The more I write, the more I become happier and appreciate life. By being happy, I noticed I was calmer at handling most situations in life.

  1. Writing allows me to grow

Sometimes, even with the best intentions in mind, things don’t happen as I hoped and planned they would. Without a positive disposition, people go through life blaming others for their failures, not stopping to ask themselves what they could do on their own to change the circumstances. By reading old journal entries, I find that I am able to connect with the most sacred part of myself- my soul. It helps me discover the meaning of life by having a better understanding of my own view point as well as what others may think. It could be tough to know exactly what others feel, but writing can allow you to slow down and just try to put yourself in others’ shoes. The point is to assess yourself and reflect. And this led me to my last point:

  1. Writing helps me to thrive

I would like to think that writing on a journal and compiling entries is like writing my own life story book. That alone makes the whole process of writing a little something about myself every single day more fun, enjoyable, and inspiring. Not to mention, it opens a lot of opportunities to improve one’s self. Generally, I feel that the more you write, the better you become at writing and by writing regularly, you develop your own voice. You feel more confident that you can achieve things. As a result, you are able to put more effort into what you’re doing and give more thought into what you learn.

These are just some of the changes that writing has brought me. So if you haven’t tried it yet, take some time for yourself, get a pen and paper or a journal and give yourself a chance to change and grow through writing.


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